ryan thornton


Ryan is a fourth year in the College, majoring in Economics and Political Science and he is phenomenally excited to be as your Secretary General this year!

After serving as an Assistant Chair for the National Assembly side of the French Revolution JCC at ChoMUN XXIV, Crisis Director for the Women’s Social and Political Union at ChoMUN XX, and USG for ChoMUN XXI, he is honored to serve as the Secretary General to make sure this ChoMUN is the best ChoMUN yet!

Ryan is originally from St. Louis, which although has the best baseball team on Earth, is not not nearly as nice as Chicago. When he is not doing ChoMUN, Ryan can be found competing on our competitive MUN team, and Crisis Directing for our high school conference. When he is finally done with MUN, he loves reading and arguing about politics, going to the gym, and playing tennis.

Feel free to contact him with any questions at secgen@chomun.org


grace lee


Grace Lee is a fourth year in the College, double majoring in Art History and Public Policy with plans to pursue a career in architecture after graduation. She is originally from Chicago by way of Beijing, southern England, now residing in Princeton, New Jersey. In her modicum of free time outside of ChoMUN, Grace works at an architecture nonprofit downtown and obsessively collects totes from other galleries (the real form of social capital in the art world). On any given day, she can be found listening to Bachelor podcasts, resisting the urge to take pictures of her food, drinking boba, and defending Brutalist architecture.

Previously, Grace shilled merch as an Administrative Staffer at ChoMUN XIX and subsequently served as Design Director for ChoMUN XX and XXI. She is honored to return for her final ChoMUN as the Director-General, and is extremely excited to put on the best conference yet with the help of an incredible Secretariat.

If you have any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out to Grace at director.general@chomun.org.


vamshi eppanapally


Vamshi Eppanapally is a second-year majoring in Economics and Public Policy. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Livingston, NJ. Fun fact, people say he looks like Roger Federer.

Last year, Vamshi served on the administrative staff of CHOMUN, where he came to enjoy being able to run the conference from behind the scenes. Outside of Model UN, Vamshi is heavily involved with several entrepreneurial and venture capital organizations including Midway Ventures, LTF Ventures, and Contrary Capital. In the future, he hopes to pursue his own startup or work at a venture capital firm. In his free time, Vamshi enjoys going to EDM festivals and concerts, exploring the food scene in downtown Chicago, and hanging out with his Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity brothers.

Vamshi is extremely excited to be a member of the Secretariat for ChoMUN XXII - feel free to contact him at cfo@chomun.org with any questions!


srikanth krishnan


Srikanth Krishnan is a third year at the college studying Public Policy. Sri’s involvement in MUN began in high school when he watched a music video featuring a Model UN Club, and has been in love with the activity ever since. Here at UChicago, he additionally staffs the MUNUC high school conference and competes as a member on the competitive traveling team. Previously at ChoMUN, Sri was an assistant chair for the Siamese Revolution committee, and a Crisis Director for the Hongs of Canton Committee, and an Undersecretary-General.

Originally hailing from the East Coast, Sri has only recently begun the healing process from the shirt-tucked-in fashion life. Outside the MUN sphere, Sri is an avid player of soccer, board games, videogames, and other increasingly complex forms of procrastination. He sometimes looks at the History major curriculum longingly, but otherwise enjoys diving into the freshwater economics and policy analysis legacy UChicago insists on reminding everyone they created.

Have any questions about ChoMUN XXII? Sri can be reached at cos@chomun.org


maddi herne


Maddi is a third year at the University of Chicago majoring in Public Policy. Raised in exotic Greenwich, Connecticut by French and Swedish parents, Maddi moved to icy Chicago for her undergrad while her family left abandoned her to move to sunny Rome. Maddi has been doing Model UN since her sophomore year of high school, and is still very obsessed. She travels with the competitive team, but for ChoMUN, Maddi has been an AC on Philip Morris as well as the Chair for Ferrari Board of Directors. This year, she’s excited to join the secretariat of ChoMUN XXII as Director of Delegate Affairs!

When she pretends to have a life, Maddi spends her time hanging out with imaginary friends, selling out, forcing her roommates to watch the Bachelor with her, or stacking books at the Reg library.

If you have any questions, you can email Maddi at dda@chomun.org!

DSC02477 edit.png

Emily Zhu

design director

Emily is a third year in the College studying Economics and Philosophy & Allied Fields, with a focus on systems of collective decision-making. She is originally from New Jersey, but went to high school in New Hampshire and has since lived in New York and San Francisco before making her way to Chicago. 

Last year, Emily served as an AC on the Ferrari Board of Directors (vroom vroom). On campus, Emily is heavily involved with several education, fashion, and non-profit consulting organizations including Moneythink, MODA, and Phoenix Development Fund. She also works at the circulation desk at the library to fund her shopping addiction. In her free time, she loves watching stand-up comedy, discovering new coffee shops, and reading style blogs. 

For any design-related inquiries, you can hit her up at design.director@chomun.org.


ben fogarty


Ben Fogarty is a fourth-year double majoring in Economics and Public Policy Studies. He hails from Klein, Texas, which may sound like a stereotypical Texas town complete with cowboys, coyotes, and a stellar high school football team but is actually just a suburb of Houston. On campus, Ben is a resident assistant in DelGiorno House and spends a little too much time getting far too worked up about intramural sports. Outside of campus, he is an ardent supporter of all things Houston: the sports teams, the music scene, and Shipley’s Do-Nuts.

Ben previously served as an assistant chair on Come and Take It: Texas 1835 at ChoMUN XX and as the Crisis Director for JCC From Tehran With Love: Iranian Revolution 1977, Ayatollah Khomeini’s Revolutionary Council at ChoMUN XXI.

If you want to talk about ChoMUN XXII, why Whataburger is better than In-N-Out, or how the designated hitter is ruining baseball, you can email Ben at bf.usg@chomun.org.


jack haynie


Jack Haynie is a third year in the college studying Political Science and History. Originally hailing from Boston, he currently resides in Portland, Maine, not Oregon (he’s fairly emphatic about this) when not in Chicago. Outside of being a USG for ChoMUN, Jack is an active member of the University’s traveling team and chairs a committee for MUNUC, its high school conference. When he’s not doing MUN, he edits and writes for the Chicago Journal on Foreign Policy and is an active brother of Delta Kappa Epsilon. He is deeply passionate about state formation, diplomatic history, boats, and maps. Additionally, he is currently nursing a caffeine addiction that will likely become more and more deeply ingrained as conference approaches.

In past ChoMUNs Jack has served as a Chair for Oh, Canada: The Founding Father of the Canadian Confederation at ChoMUN XXI and as an Assistant Chair for The Roar of the Lion: Singapore 1965 at ChoMUN XX. He has also crisis directed the Arctic Council for MUNUC and plans on chairing a committee with the conference this coming year.

Jack is deeply excited to be a USG this year. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk about why Mercator is a garbage map projection, feel free to reach out at jh.usg@chomun.org.


kimika padilla


Kimika Padilla is a third-year, double-majoring in Public Policy and Environmental Studies. Born in Japan, she grew up in small towns in Michigan and Minnesota. For college, she stayed in the Midwest but moved to the big city. She is excited for her third ChoMUN conference, having previously served as an Assistant Chair for the Tamil Students League, and as Chair of the Twilight of the Tokugawa. In addition to staffing ChoMUN XXII as a USG, Kimika is a board member of the QuestBridge Scholars Network at UChicago. She also serves the Committee on Campus Sustainability, and interns with the Energy Policy Institute.

In her free time, she loves hiking, cooking, and dancing! She spends all of her money on traveling, and harbors wanderlust for new destinations in Latin America and Southeast Asia—as well as nostalgia from past adventures in the cities of Germany, the mountains of Mexico, and the shopping streets of Japan. Fascinated by history and culture, she is excited to work with a diverse group of people and committees at ChoMUN XXII.

If you have podcast recommendations, or questions about specific committees or ChoMUN XXII in general, feel free to email Kimika at kp.usg@chomun.org.


elizabeth mansfield


Elizabeth Mansfield is a third-year in the college, double-majoring in Psychology and Creative Writing for unknown reasons. Originally from the great state of Colorado, she is perpetually confused by the lack of mountains in Chicago and can no longer tell East from West. Her previous ChoMUN experience includes the pleasure of serving as an AC on JCC Bootleg Battle of the Marne: Northside Gang and crisis directing her dream committee ¡Vivan las Mariposas! The Fall of Trujillo, 1959. Her other Model UN pastimes, because of course there has to be more than one, are competing on UChicago's competitive team and staffing the high school conference MUNUC.

Believe it or not, Elizabeth also has a life outside of Model UN. In what little free time isn’t dedicated to MUN or school, she enjoys writing science-fiction and fantasy novels, hanging out with her Pi Phi sisters, and reading up on all sorts of history. She can’t wait to work with this year’s brilliant executive slate and see what delegates have up their sleeve at ChoMUN XXII.

If you have any questions or fun facts, send them to em.usg@chomun.org to reach Elizabeth.


Aaron Stockel


Aaron Stockel is a fourth-year majoring in history and minoring in Spanish. He is from sunny Los Angeles, which is obvious because he wears California Republic t-shirts and is cold in 65º weather.

He was CD for the "French Popular Front, 1936" at ChoMUN XXI, and for "Basil's Court, Byzantium 867" at ChoMUN XX. He as also been an AC for MUNUC and ChoMUN. Aaron is absolutley thrilled to be serving as a USG for ChoMUN XXII and cannot wait to help make it our best conference yet! Outside of MUN and schoolwork, Aaron serves as Treasurer of the UChicago Political Union, Editor of the Chicago Journal of History, and a MUNUC executive.

In his ever more limited free time, he enjoys reading, swimming, hiking, traveling, playing saxophone, and drawing. At home he can be found stuck in LA traffic singing showtunes, and getting sunburned at the beach. His interests include history, politics and international relations, environmental protection, music, sleeping, and the Lord of the Rings.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to email Aaron at as.usg@chomun.org.