Jakob Solheim


Jakob Solheim is a fourth year in the College studying Economics and Public Policy. Jakob is honored to spend his last year at the University serving as Secretary-General for ChoMUN XXI, having previously served as the Chief of Staff for ChoMUN XX, the chair of the Judeo-Roman War (ChoMUN XIX), and as an Assistant Chair on the JCC (ChoMUN XVIII).

Born in Rome, but currently hailing from Vermont after living in most of Western Europe at one point or another (although never in England or Norway where he would be an actual citizen), Jakob has adopted Model UN as a new form of international exploration, and could not be more excited for a successful ChoMUN in the spring.

When not doing work for Model UN, Jakob is usually thinking about doing work for Model UN. However, in occasional moments of respite Jakob can be found reading a good book, debating American and International politics, listening to interesting people at the IOP, or acting in an inevitably silly play.

If you have any questions, Jakob can be reached at secgen@chomun.org


Aiden Million


Aiden Million is a fourth year student studying History and Political Science. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia but spent most of her life in Geneva (Switzerland, not Illinois) and considers Chicago to be her second home. At ChoMUN XIX, Aiden was a chair for King's Cabinet side of the French Revolution JCC and at ChoMUN XX, she was an Under-Secretary General. This year, Aiden will be returning as Director-General and hopes to make her final ChoMUN, ChoMUN XXI, the best conference yet with the help of an incredible Secretariat and an even more incredible staff.

Outside of MUN, Aiden spends most of her time in class or working at the UChicago Admissions Office giving information sessions for prospective students where she mentions that she does Model UN in every other conversation. In her free time (or what's left of it anyway) Aiden can be found eating at the Med, watching Netflix in her apartment or venturing into the city to buy a slightly cheaper latte.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at director.general@chomun.org.


Kathy zhou


Kathy Zhou is a fourth year at UChicago studying Chemistry and Computer Science. Home is Beijing, Vancouver, San Francisco, and, now, Chicago. She loves cities and finding cozy coffee shops to spend afternoons in. Beyond the world of WBA and crisis, she designs products in the Bay Area, helps organize TEDxUChicago, works with the Uncommon Hacks team, and does chill freelance stuff around campus. On a typical day, you can probably find Kathy in Chinatown, drinking boba. Kathy was previously DDA for ChoMUN XX, a CD for The Khana Ratsadon: Siamese Revolutions of 1932 and an AC for The First Lightning: The Soviet Atomic Bomb. She is excited to make ChoMUN XXI an amazing experience for you all. Feel free to reach out to Kathy at cao@chomun.org


Ben Kosvic


Ben Kosvic is a third year majoring in Economics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and surprisingly has no discernible Minnesotan accent, don'tcha know.

Ben's experience with Model UN goes back to the beginning of college. He had done Debate for all of high school, but switched over to Model UN when he realized that it was more fun. Ben was an Assistant Chair on the Rise of the Vikings committee at ChoMUN XIX, and the Crisis Director of Thank You for Smoking: The Executive Board of Philip Morris, 1941 at ChoMUN XX. In addition, Ben competes at other conferences on the circuit alongside UChicago's Model UN team.

When he's not juggling his majors and his Model UN responsibilities, Ben can be found listening to rap music, watching TV, or hanging out with his MUN friends and Zeta Psi fraternity brothers.

Ben is extremely excited for ChoMUN XXI - feel free to contact him at cfo@chomun.org with any questions.


James Barriere


James Barriere is a fourth year in the College majoring in Economics and Public Policy. He hails from Albany, New York, which you may recognize from that time you tried to memorize all of the state capitols in elementary school. Why did you do that?

In the past three years, James has made lasting memories with ChoMUN. He served as a Crisis Director for the Come and Take It: Texas War for Independence (ChoMUN XX) and Goodluck Out of Luck: Nigeria 2014 (ChoMUN XIX). Before that, he was an AC on the Massachusetts Bay Colony (ChoMUN XVIII). Outside of ChoMUN, he can be found engaging in a heated and weirdly-emotional argument over what exactly constitutes “Upstate New York,”; writing for our campus food publication, Bite; or struggling to rectify his inability to do math with his quantitative major. Feel free to email him at cos@chomun.org with any staff-related questions.


grace lee

design director

Grace Lee is a third year in the College studying Art History and Public Policy with a focus on modern architecture history and urban studies. She is originally from Chicago by way of Beijing, south England, and now resides in Princeton, New Jersey. This is Grace's second year as Design Director as she held the position for ChoMUN XX as well, and previously staffed ChoMUN XIX as an Administrative Staffer.

When she’s not designing background guides, Grace can be found giving tours at Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, interning at an architecture non-profit, running a blog about fountain pens, and drinking boba in Chinatown at any given moment. While Grace pretends to have high-brow cultural literacy, the truth is that she has an alarmingly encyclopedic knowledge about canceled CW/ABC Family shows and has recently relapsed and resumed watching The Bachelorette. Grace also loves to travel, hangout with her dog, listen to the Hamilton soundtrack, follow podcasts, visit art exhibits, and dine out at cool restaurants, but that all reads as interests of a general human being. 

For any design-related inquiries, Grace can be reached at design.director@chomun.org




Henry Gao is a second year in the College pursuing Economics and Philosophy, and he is thrilled to serve as the Director of Delegate Affairs at ChoMUN XXI. Travelling between China and Canada, he grew up in Beijing, Guangzhou, Toronto and eventually moved to Vancouver. Henry fostered an exceptional passion for food. Ever since arriving in Chicago, he has been busy exploring all the delicious restaurants. Make sure to catch him for recommendations. As a true foodie, Henry spends his downtime creating recipes and watching culinary documentaries. Outside of MUN, Henry travels with the UChicago Men’s Volleyball Club and enjoys working on consulting engagements with local non-profits. Henry was previously an Administrative Staff at ChoMUN XX handling logistics and serving as an emergency AC.

Henry is delighted to address any concerns you might have with ChoMUN XXI. Feel free to reach him at dda@chomun.org


Nachiket Agrawal


Nachiket Agrawal is a third year majoring in Economics and perhaps Astrophysics. Nachiket, also known as Nachos or Taco, is originally from Northern India, born and brought up in Mumbai and now lives in Dubai. Involved in Model UN since sophomore year of high school, Nachiket previously served as an Assistant Chair of Salomon Brothers at ChoMUN XIX and as the Chair of the Tamil Students League at ChoMUN XX. Outside of ChoMUN, he is involved with the Society of Physics Students and the Chicago Economics Forum at UChicago.

In his free time, he enjoys laughing at everything he can; sometimes at others’ jokes, but more so at his own. His favourite comedians/movies include Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Rush Hour 3 and Ted. This list is exhaustive for most people, yet he vehemently believes it is far too short. Finally, he is honoured and excited to serve as an Under-Secretary General for six fabulous committees being run by equally fabulous executives.

If you have any fancy nickname ideas, astrophysics queries, comedian suggestions (or offers to be a standup comedian!), oh and for any ChoMUN related inquiries, feel free to reach out to him at na.usg@chomun.org


Srikanth Krishnan


Srikanth Krishnan is a third year at the college studying Economics and Public Policy. Sri’s involvement in MUN began in high school when he watched a music video featuring a Model UN Club, and has been in love with the activity ever since. Here at UChicago, he additionally staffs the MUNUC high school conference and competes as a member on the competitive traveling team. Previously at ChoMUN, Sri was an assistant chair for the Siamese Revolution committee, and a Crisis Director for the Hongs of Canton Committee. 

Originally hailing from the East Coast, Sri has only recently begun the healing process from the preppy fashion life. Outside the MUN sphere, Sri is an avid player of soccer, board games, videogames, and other increasingly complex forms of procrastination. He sometimes looks at the History major curriculum longingly, but otherwise enjoy diving into the freshwater economics legacy UChicago insists on reminding everyone they created. 

Have any questions about ChoMUN XXI? Sri can be reached at sk.usg@chomun.org


Davis Larkin


Davis Larkin is a third year majoring in History and Economics. He is a recovering debater hailing from the greatest nation on earth (Texas), and accordingly, carries a deep love of tacos and queso with him at all times.

When Davis isn't badgering executives to turn in their background guides, he serves as the Co-President of the Political Union, makes bad jokes about politics on social media, and escapes from Hyde Park to bougie coffee shops around Chicago wherever physically possible.

Previously, Davis served as the Crisis Director of Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s Presidential Campaign in ChoMUN XX, a truly wild ride that he will never forget. He also worked as an Assistant Chair on the Ad Hoc Committee of ChoMUN XIX. For any inquiries related to ChoMUN, committees, or the best tacos in Chicago, Davis can be reached at dl.usg@chomun.org.


Sabine nau


Sabine Nau (pronounced "no") is a third year in the college hailing from Northern Virginia and majoring in Public Policy and minoring in history. Sabine is also a member of the Trott Business Program on campus and hopes to pursue a career in business when she graduates. Besides being involved in ChoMUN, Team, and MUNUC, she is a tour guide in the admissions office, a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, and on the executive slate for student government as the VP of Administration. In what's left of her free time, she can be found napping in Harper Memorial Library, taking long walks to the fridge, or binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu. Before being the most fun USG, Sabine was a Crisis Director on the JCC: The a Chicago Outfit for ChoMUN XX and an AC on The Sikh Empire for ChoMUN XIX. Sabine can be reached at sn.usg@chomun.org


Ryan Thornton


Ryan is a third year in the College, majoring in Economics and Political Science and he is phenomenally excited to be an Under Secretary General this year! After serving as an Assistant Chair for the National Assembly side of the French Revolution JCC at ChoMUN XXIV and Crisis Director for the Women’s Social and Political Union at ChoMUN XX, he is honored to serve as an Under-Secretary-General and help administer five absolutely amazing committees. Ryan is originally from St. Louis, which although has the best baseball team on Earth, is not not nearly is nice as Chicago. When he is not doing ChoMUN, Ryan can be found competing on our competitive MUN team, and Crisis Directing for our high school conference. When he is finally done with MUN, he loves reading and arguing about politics, going to the gym, and playing tennis. Feel free to contact him with any questions at rt.usg@chomun.org