Greetings from the secretary-General

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Friends,


It is both a privilege and an honour to welcome you to the nineteenth session of the Chicago Model United Nations Conference. ChoMUN XIX will be held from Thursday, April 21st through Sunday, April 24th, 2016 at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago, and I hope to welcome all of you to the Second City for this unique conference.

Built upon not only years of organizing and competing, but also an undying passion for crisis, ChoMUN today has grown into the largest crisis conference in North America. Despite humble beginnings, this conference now brings over eight hundred delegates to the city of Chicago every April.

For the ChoMUN Secretariat and our committee executives, the status quo is never enough. We bring over two hundred staffers to the Palmer House, guaranteeing an immersive crisis experience by ensuring a 4:1 staffer to delegate ratio. At every single stage of the committee and conference development process, we constantly challenge and build upon our previous experiences to deliver the highest-quality delegate experience throughout the course of the weekend. A key part of this endeavour is to constantly push the envelope on the design, format, speed, and scope of crisis committees in our quest for the ultimate delegate experience.

ChoMUN XIX committees will spoil delegates for choice, covering a range of topics, locations and time periods. Delegates could stay in the present, simulating the State Department under Hillary Clinton or a meeting of the Global Oil Consortium, or travel far back in history to 51 BC to experience the era of Cleopatra. Examine India through the lens of the shadowy Research and Analysis Wing, or through the twilight of the Sikh Empire in 1839. From profiteering at Salomon Brothers, fighting drugs under President Calderon in Mexico, planning the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, helming Walt Disney Productions in its infancy, or organizing the Japanese yakuza, there is something for every delegate. ChoMUN XIX will also not be limited to revolutions, cabinets, or companies- explore the social fabric of early 1900s Europe through the simulation of the First Class aboard the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. Last, but not least, and a personal favourite, this year’s conference also has an Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General, one that is shaping up to be the most exciting yet.

Essentially, what we promise to deliver at ChoMUN this year is not only a smoothly-run conference, but one with intense, substantive, constantly engaging and challenging committees. All of ChoMUN Secretariat is working to ensure that this year’s ChoMUN is the best yet, and we welcome any suggestions and/or feedback from anyone involved with ChoMUN in past years, whether as a delegate, advisor, or a staffer. See you in April!




Rahul S. Bhide

Secretary-General – ChoMUN XIX