Bratstvo i Jedinstvo

The Yugoslav Committee for Cinematography

Non-aligned but communist, Yugoslavia sits nestled in the heart of the Cold War conflict but occupying a unique niche all its own. Led by the charismatic and peculiar President Josip Broz Tito, the country and its constituent republics represent vibrant cultural entities wishing to make their mark on the world. Yugoslavia’s thinkers are able to birth a variety of cultural products that win them international recognition, including in one of the most popular domains: film.

Initially begun to promote internal stability and tell the war stories of the valiant Partisans fighting Nazi Forces in WWII, Yugoslav film flourished into a real art form. In the 1960s, Yugoslav film is experiencing a renaissance as censorship measures are slightly loosened and the Black Wave begins. This period represents a mix of interests – from traditional war movies celebrating the country, to dark movies exploring the nuances of human sexuality, cyclical violence, and the darker sides of the human psyche.

The committee’s tasks are many and varied. Yugoslavia’s directors must simultaneously instill socialist ideology throughout the country, buffer tensions of regional nationalism, build rapport with other nations, and keep Tito, an avid movie buff, happy. But perhaps most importantly, they must balance all these tasks with their own creative ambitions and artistic messages. As in the spirit of Tito’s favorite genre, American Westerns, the directors are instilled with a sense of adventure and possibility – but should they navigate the terrain incorrectly, their projects will die of exposure.

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mia radovanovic


Mia Radovanovic is a fourth year in the College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics. At school, she spends most of her time at the Center for Early Childhood Research.

In the past, she has chaired It’s Everybody’s Job: Truman's Cabinet at ChoMUN XXI and Creating the Province of Freedom: Sierra Leone at ChoMUN XX.

Outside of school and Model UN, Mia enjoys long distance running, doggos, and shopping around Chicago for old Gamecube games.

She hails from sunny, humid Florida but is originally from Former Yugoslavia, so she is very excited to be your Chair for this committee!


gavin baumgart

Crisis Director

Gavin Baumgart is a fourth year at the University of Chicago majoring in Biological Sciences. At previous ChoMUNs, he was a staffer for the French Revolution JCC and Sierra Leone 1792 committees and was the Crisis Director for Truman’s Cabinet.

Hailing from the ever-thrilling suburbs of Chicago, Gavin spent his high school years on the robotics team and decided to join ChoMUN so that he can justify an occasional bout of not doing chemistry.

When not working on ChoMUN-related business, he can be found doing lab research, volunteering at the hospital, or watching grown men beat each other up during hockey season.

He is thrilled to be your Crisis Director for ChoMUN XXII and can be reached for questions at