rebels not slaves

women's social and political union 1908

In the words of our illustrious leader Emmeline Pankhurst: “Deeds, not words” is our permanent motto. The Women’s Social and Political Union is and shall be lead by that rallying cry. We will not simply talk about women’s suffrage, we will act to ensure it. No matter the cost. The women of the United Kingdom will no longer be held hostage to the whims of men.

The women of the WSPU will to strive to achieve the vote for women within the United Kingdom while maintaining their strict militant stance. We will not give in. We will not give up. We will fight for the rights and equality of women throughout the United Kingdom. We will use any means necessary in order to ensure that we gain attention for our cause. We shall rally, burn, destroy. We will compromise if and only if it advances our cause, but we will never give up our central aims. Never will we allow ourselves to be silenced and if we must be trapped behind bars to secure our freedom so be it. We will face an ever changing political situation and a changing public view of our aims, but we will never change in the face of society. We shall gain our voice. We shall gain our vote. We shall take our destiny into our own hands.

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rebecca cunningham


Becca is a second year in the college currently deluded into believing that she can double major in History and Political Science. She is very excited to chair Rebels not Slaves: WSPU 1908, because who doesn’t love bake sales for violent feminism? Becca staffed for the King’s Cabinet side of the French Revolution JCC at ChoMUN XIX. In addition to ChoMUN, she is the chair of the Historical Security Council 1950 for MUNUC (UChicago’s High School Conference) and on UChicago’s competitive MUN team. In an attempt to have friends outside of Model UN, and to become completely covered with bruises, Becca plays for the University of Chicago’s Women’s Rugby Team. Outside of school and extracurriculars, Becca has little to no free time, but she enjoys seeing how long it takes till Netflix gets concerned about the amount of time she has spent binge watching truly terrible TV shows.

ryan thornton

Crisis Director

Ryan is in his second year doing ChoMUN and his first year as a committee executive. Last year he staffed the French Revolution JCC on the National Assembly Side. He also staffed for MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference, and he competes on the travel team.

Ryan is a second year who is studying Economics and Political Science (maybe) and really enjoys history as well. Ryan is currently the secretary for UChicago Democrats, plays on the club tennis team, and loves to talk about politics and sports (although he is currently shopping for a new NFL team to root for).

If you have any questions about the content of the committee or how it will be run, feel free to email him at


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helen zhang


Helen Zhang is a third year in the College majoring in Public Policy. This will be her second year crisis-directing for ChoMUN, having served as an executive on ChoMUN XIX’s 1971 Trinidad & Tobago committee. She has also been an executive for MUNUC (UChicago’s high school conference) for the past two conferences, and competes with the UChicago team. Helen generally loves committees involving militancy, alternative political ideologies, and whatever feminism she can work in: she is obviously very excited to be one of your executives for the WSPU. Outside of MUN, Helen works as a tour guide with the UChicago admissions office, tutors with the Neighborhood Schools program in the Hyde Park area, and makes art for any grant-giving arts organizations she can find.

Please feel free to reach out to Helen at