the shock felt 'round the world

Westinghouse Electric Co. in the war of the currents


It’s the mid 1880’s, and Thomas Alva Edison, the “Wizard of Menlo Park,” has set himself up at the forefront of the electricity market with his patented direct current (DC) distribution system, and his own electric company: Edison Illuminating Co. It seems to be the perfect monopoly, but where’s the fun in a market where everything remains...static? Enter the Westinghouse Electric Co, the newest distributor in the utilities circuit. Armed with alternating current, a more efficient and cheaper method for large-scale distribution of electrical power patented by Nikola Tesla, and lead by George Westinghouse, WEC is nothing short of a powerhouse competitor, but Edison isn’t going down without a fight.

Join us as the board of Westinghouse Electric, as we fight fire with fire… or should we say current with current in one of the biggest corporate battles in technological history. If AC power has any hope of winning this struggle for dominance within the American capitalist landscape, they will have to weather corporate espionage, political pushback, public safety concerns, and one of the biggest smear campaigns you never heard of, led by Edison himself. The cutthroat competition will be nothing short of electrifying, and everyone knows that it’s only a matter of time before DC power starts playing dirty. As the late nineteenth century comes to a close, the War of the Currents is just sparking up. Will Westinghouse and Tesla’s AC current reign supreme, or will they be brought down by the onslaught of their competitors? Either way, it’s gonna be lit.

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Whitney Halperin


Whitney is a third-year majoring in Psychology and minoring Statistics and Russian and Eastern European studies. Whitney tells everyone that she is from Boston, but she is actually from the small suburb of Wayland, Massachusetts, home of nothing particularly that interesting. After accidentally attending a Model UN meeting with her roommate during her first year, Whitney has since somehow ended up here, but she is excited to be your chair! Outside of ChoMUN, Whitney is a sister of Delta Gamma, a member of the Student Alumni Committee, and a copy editor for the Chicago Maroon. Outside of these activities, Whitney enjoys thinking about what she would do if she had even more free time, and then not actually doing anything with her free time. If you have any questions about the committee, or would just like to chat, you can email her at


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Sylvia Cheever

Crisis Director

Sylvia is a fourth year majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Biology. A born-and-bred New Yorker, this Brooklynite still asserts that deep dish is NOT real pizza, and yearns for a decent bagel and schmear. When she is not in the library studying, Sylvia is incredibly involved in promoting wellness on campus, both as a Peer Health Advocate and as coordinator of the volunteer wellness representative program in the dorms. She also teaches sex education in Chicago Public Schools, sings in an a cappella group, serves as Recruitment Chair and New Member Coordinator for her sorority Pi Beta Phi, and hikes through her summers. She is planning on obtaining a PhD in bioarchaeology after graduation, working to identify and analyze ancient human remains. Having no previous experience in anything remotely related to international affairs, she was first dragged into the cult of Model UN by friends her second year, and hasn’t looked back since. Sylvia has participated in ChoMUN XIX where she staffed Dawn of the Vikings, and served as Crisis Director of The Culper Ring: General Washington’s Citizen Spies in ChoMUN XX. She couldn’t be more excited to see what her third and final ChoMUN conference has in store for her, and would like you all to know that she fully intends on going out with a bang.
If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, feel free to email her at

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Isabelle Charo

Crisis Director

Isabelle is a third year in the College double majoring in sociology and public policy (theoretically) and minoring in French. This is her first time crisis directing at ChoMUN, although she has enjoyed flinging notes around with Whitney as an AC for the past two years. The daughter of a scientist and a native of Washington, D.C., Isabelle is thrilled to be on a committee that involves science as well as back stabbing. Outside of ChoMUN, Isabelle enjoys playing classical piano, being systematically drowned on UChicago’s club water polo team, participating in dorm life and Jewish community, and wasting time looking at high definition food videos on Facebook. Isabelle does not enjoy doing boring homework, hearing people say they are from D.C. when they are actually from suburbs in Maryland or Virginia, and biting into under-ripe blueberries. She is incredibly ~energized~ to be part of War of the Currents, and if you have any questions or simply want to chat, you can email her at

USG: Nachiket Agrawal