Screw It, Let’s Do It: Virgin Group, 2020


Richard Branson always wanted to be a magnate. His entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself at an early age, as he moved from venture to venture, trying to find a foothold. In 1972, he struck gold, founding Virgin Records--and the rest was history. Since then, Branson has been at the head of businesses dealing with underwater adventure (Virgin Oceanic), space exploration (Virgin Galactic), finance (Virgin Money), healthcare (Virgin Health) and just about everything in between. Enter the Virgin Group: a conglomerate of dozens of these businesses seeking to disrupt nearly every industry on and beyond the planet.

As major stakeholders in the Virgin Group, you all will be tasked with navigating not only the traditional elements of a corporation with an “outspoken” CEO, but also the more unique aspects of a massively diversified venture capital conglomerate. Between your extremely diverse industries, you have the power to impact almost every facet of life. You’ll be faced with answering big questions and solving big problems that may, at times, cause you to wonder how or why to address them… so we advise you to take a page from Branson’s book and respond, “Screw it, let’s do it.”

Isaac Kamber


Isaac Kamber is a third year in the College, studying Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Geographical Sciences. He asserts his majors will translate into valuable career skills, but in practice, they’ve just made him embarrassingly good at online map quizzes. He hails from New Jersey and Colorado, though, more honestly, his heart lies somewhere between the Karakoram and the Caspian Sea. Isaac is returning to ChoMUN after serving as a Crisis Director for The Court of Alexander the Great at ChoMUN XXII and staffing the Soviet Rezidentura at ChoMUN XXI as an Assistant Chair. Outside of ChoMUN, Isaac is an Undersecretary General for MUNUC, UChicago’s high school MUN conference, where he frequently wonders how and why he was given a position of authority. Isaac also competes with UChicago’s MUN team, where he has learned how to weaponize memes with horrifying success. In the 17 minutes a day not spent doing MUN stuff, Isaac works as a Research Assistant for the Center for Spatial Data Science pretending that he knows STEM. He can sometimes be found spending long hours doing all you can eat at Shinju Sushi where he is particularly fond of the eel. Isaac is thrilled to be chairing the Virgin Group (hopefully in character as Richard Branson, if we can find a cheap blonde wig) at ChoMUN XXIII, and can’t wait to see all of you! Feel free to reach out with any questions to

Ritik Shah

Crisis Director

Ritik “Rithiiik” Shah is a second year in the College, majoring in Biology yet somehow also being pre-law, not pre-med? Like Isaac, he also hails from New Jersey, AKA the Sunshine State. Incredibly, Ritik may be the one person who actually looks older without his beard--will he have one at ChoMUN? Only one way to find out! Ritik is coming back to ChoMUN after serving as an Assistant Chair for the Ottoman Imperial Harem last year despite making a solemn pact with Carter to never work together again. Ritik also competes with UChicago’s MUN team and is chairing a committee--the Cabinet of Japan--at MUNUC. Outside of Model UN (haha, what a funny joke), Ritik enjoys hanging out with his brothers in Delta Kappa Epsilon and willingly partakes in UChicago’s infamous hOuSe CuLtUrE. Ritik is excited to put his Crisis Directing skills to the test with the Virgin Group at ChoMUN XXIII, and can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach him at!

Carter Squires

Crisis Director

Carter “Craaaater” Squires is decidedly a third year in the College completely lacking originality and studying Political Science and Public Policy. He’s originally from Louisville (pronounced Loo-a-vul) and won’t let you forget it. Just last year, Carter’s beard was named the official state bird of Kentucky. Carter spent last ChoMUN as Crisis Director for the Ottoman Imperial Harem. Before that, he was an Assistant Chair for the Russian Provisional Government at ChoMUN XXI. His dream committee however is a Hatfields vs. McCoys JCC. Carter’s involvement with MUN doesn’t end at ChoMUN: he is the Vice President of UChicago’s Competitive MUN Team and will be chairing a committee (Barack Obama’s 2007 Presidential Campaign) at UChicago’s high school MUN conference, MUNUC. Outside of the MUNiverse, Carter works at UChicago’s Community Programs Accelerator as a consultant for nonprofits on Chicago’s South Side. He spends his limited free time writing about democratic backsliding in Turkey, researching eels, exploring the beautiful city of Chicago, and really missing nature. Carter is thrilled to see what this crew will do with the Virgin Group, and would challenge you all to do one thing: THINK BIG! In the meantime, reach out to with any questions.

Secretariat oversight:

Joe Magliocco, Under-Secretary-General