Hasta La Vista Conquista

The First Republic of Venezuela, 1810

The year is 1810 and Venezuela has just become the first Spanish-American colony to declare its independence. Understandably, Spain is less than pleased and is sending its forces to crush the young country’s attempts at self-governance. The new government faces civil war, a crippling economy, and massive shortages.

The main challenge, however, will be to craft a constitution that can govern this fledgling government. Will Venezuela set a precedent for Latin American states or will this attempt at government end in crushing defeat? We can only hope that fate is in our favor.

julia karon


Julia Karon is a fourth year currently pursuing an Economics major with a minor in Mathematics, because economics doesn’t have enough math for her. She’s originally from Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic and a water tower shaped like an ear of corn. On campus, she can usually be found spreading Minnesota-niceness and complaining about how Chicago isn’t cold enough for her.

At ChoMUN XIX, she was a staffer on the Cabinet of Nigeria in 2014 and at ChoMUN XX she was an Experienced AC on Nixon’s Cabinet, 1969. She’s excited to rejoin the ChoMUN family after a quarter abroad and even more excited to Chair the First Republic of Venezuela, 1810.

When not doing ChoMUN, Julia can be found participating in various political groups on campus, staffing UChicago's college-level Model UN conference, and playing violin in the University Chamber Orchestra. She also enjoys cooking and baking and going to Zumba to give herself an excuse to bake more.

maddy moore

Crisis Director

Maddy Moore is a fourth-year in the college studying Economics and History. She was raised in Martha’s Vineyard, MA. When she isn’t planning the demise of Venezuela, she loves the beach, her white dog named Bloo, sailing, and has been attempting to surf since she was 15. She loves her island but hates Vineyard Vines so don’t bring it up.

Maddy started doing Model UN in high school and has continued through college. She has CD-ed committees for both ChoMUN and MUNUC on topics such as the Cuba government in 1960, the Brazilian government of 2014, the Republic of China in 1913, and the Cabinet of Herbert Hoover in 1929.

Passionate about Latin American history and politics and a fluent speaker of Spanish, Maddy looks forward to working with delegates to create a powerful, proud, and new Venezuela. If you have any questions, concerns, or general anxieties, she can be reached at maddymoore@uchicago.edu