United Nations Security Council

The United Nations Security Council is a unique body, introducing traditional elements of GA and Crisis committees into one intense committee that will tackle international problems of such great magnitude that collaboration between delegates is all but required to move the needle in committee.

The committee is modeled upon the actual Security Council, featuring 15 countries: the 5 Permanent Members, and 10 Elected Members. While each country on the council has an equal vote, the 5 permanent members will have veto power, further complicating the dynamics of an already complicated global society, and reinforcing the necessity for partnership and alliances. We encourage you to read more about the UNSC at https://www.un.org/securitycouncil/.

At ChoMUN, the UNSC will be run as a double delegate committee, with each country represented by two individuals acting and voting as one. Delegates will be expected to juggle speech-making, note-writing, directive-passing, and caucusing continuously throughout the conference. This committee aims to be idealist in a challenging world -- a beacon to the possibilities of change when world powers choose to come to the table and join hands to solve pressing issues of our time. The topics this body will be discussing, debating, and working to solve will be the Yemeni Civil War and the Kashmiri territorial conflict.

Chloe Tan


Chloe Tan is a second year in the college, and she is very excited to see how delegates handle the challenges of the UNSC this year. Please direct any questions to txr@uchicago.edu.

Srikanth Krishnan

Crisis Director

Srikanth is a 4th(?) year studying Public Policy in the College. Actually hailing from Rockville Maryland, Sri continues to tell people that he’s a DC kid without any apparent remorse or shame. He exclusively rides whichever public transit route is called ‘The Red Line’ regardless of what city he’s in, and is a master of timing naps to commutes. He once infamously claimed the ability to consume the spiciest food available before attempting a level 5 hell ramen challenge and publically sobbing afterwards. He’ll tell you it’s because they replaced the broth with chili oil, and is definitely not still bitter about this. Sri compliments dress-up/policy larping in ChoMUN with additional competitive dress-up/policy larping with the UChicago MUN travel team, where he mainly enters GAs. In addition he will be chairing UChicago’s HS conference, MUNUC. He is both delighted and disgusted that he owns a gavel addressed ‘Grand-daddy MUN’. Previously, Sri was the ChoMUN COS and a USG. He dabbles in Human Rights philosophy and law, is an avid cook, and enjoys any form of card or board game. He moonlights policy work for various NGO program officers in Chicago and DC. Please direct any questions to Srikanthkrishnan159@gmail.com.

Malay Trivedi

Crisis Director

Malay Trivedi is a third year in the college majoring in Public Policy with a specialization in Economics and Education Policy. Besides being involved in ChoMUN, he is an active member of Campus and Student Life, having served on the executive slate for student government as Student Body Vice President, and takes pride in his community organizing work in Chicago. Before being a Crisis Director for the UNSC, Malay was an EAC for ChoMUN’s UNSC, and AC on the Ferrari Board of Directors. He is looking forward to working with his fellow execs and welcoming you to one of the most exciting and challenging committees of ChoMUN. You are encouraged to reach Malay at malaytrivedi@uchicago.edu

Secretariat oversight:

Katie Delong, Under-Secretary-General