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the ruling council of the united arab emirates 2008


The United Arab Emirates is world renowned for its ritzy hotels and extravagant amenities. This sumptuous oasis is dripping with money, in the middle of one of the most arid deserts in the world. And as everyone knows, where there is money, there is power. In the UAE, power rests in the hands of the seven rulers of the UAE’s seven city-states and in their entourage. Contrasting greatly with the surrounding developing and calamitous states of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates radiates economic prowess, social prestige, and political efficacy to the outside world.

However, just below the shiny, pristine surface lies a nation wrought with internal turmoil. The seven rulers and Cabinet members are constantly vying for the upper-hand, using their familial ties to either promote their own agendas or destroy others’ prospects. In an extremely disparate state where only 11 percent of the population is recognized as citizens with the ability to exercise political power, social unrest bubbles within, waiting for a spark of heat to capsize the UAE’s entire social structure. Add in a little economic hardship and you have a recipe for disaster. On the international stage, the UAE will have to manage the mounting economic and social issues plaguing the nation, and it will have to do so in the context of a political oligarchy that is not immune to backstabbing, manipulation, and all out power wars.

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nirav virani


Nirav is a second year Public Policy and Political Science major in The College. Living his whole life in flat Illinois, Nirav is always a bit gloomy to tell people that he’s not from a more unique place, and maybe that’s why he’s a MUN nerd. For ChoMUN XIX, he was an Assistant Chair for the Yamaguchigumi, and is looks forward to Chair a committee that he hopes to be even more exciting. Outside of the vast MUN universe, Nirav loves stressing about upcoming papers and annoying his friends about his true passions: airlines and planes. Nirav is also involved in Student Government and the Chicago Debate Society. But when he’s not participating in either of these activities or partying in the bookstacks of his favorite frat, Rho Epsilon Gamma (The Regenstein Library), he manages to find a way to relax by binge-watching twelve episodes of Parks and Recreation in one sitting. Nirav can’t wait to see your solutions to all the crises his committee has planned, but he’s even more excited for all the evil plans you delegates have in mind for this committee.

taylor leighton

Crisis Director

Taylor and is a second year at The University of Chicago, and this is his second year in ChoMUN. Last year he was an assistant chair for Calderon’s Cabinet: The Mexican War on Drugs. In addition to ChoMUN, Taylor has also worked on UChicago’s high school conference, MUNUC, for the last two years. He is currently planning to double major in Political Science and Public Policy. Outside of school, Taylor enjoys spending time with friends, complaining about other people complaining about UChicago, and responding to people with witty, albeit sassy, comments. He’s sure all of you will get a taste of his signature sarcasm in one of the update speeches at conference, and he is looking forward to working with everyone of you.

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ishaan waghray


Ishaan is a second year in the College majoring in (guess what?) Economics. Hailing from the great(est) state of New Jersey, he is a bagel and pizza snob, which he loves to remind his lowly Midwestern co-execs. Last year, Ishaan was an assistant chair for RAW Indian Intelligence. Outside of ChoMUN, Ishaan is involved with MUNUC and is a dancer on Chicago Raas, a competitive Indian dance team. He is a huge proponent of the UChicago culture of procrastinating and consequently pretending to be swamped with work. He also enjoys complaining in his free time about Taylor’s complaining and Nirav’s stress. He looks forward to meeting and working with everyone at conference! He would be happy to respond to any questions you have at ishaanwaghray@uchicago.edu. 

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