tokyo drift

The Mid Night Club, 1987-1999

It’s midnight on Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway. The ocean wind gently whispers, but not for long.

The howl of over-tuned engines and squealing rubber shatters the silence as a handful of exotic cars scream by. They are all unique, joined only by a single point of commonality: a small rectangular sticker on the bumper that reads “Mid Night Car Special.” That insignia belongs to the secretive Mid Night Club, the fastest and finest street racing gang on the planet.

Enter a world of high-speed chases, pumping adrenaline, fast cars, money, and fame. The club members aren’t criminals, but doctors, lawyers, and businessmen who find unity behind the wheel. They are joined together by a sacred code that swears club members to secrecy and prohibits harming a soul.

Some drivers enjoy facing off against rival racing groups to prove their supremacy. Some race for money, some for the thrill. Regardless, when the police come sniffing, you defend your brothers. Maintain your honor. Uphold the code.

Welcome to the Club. Buckle up.

Nikolai eklund


Hailing from the frozen wastes of Minnesota, Nikolai is absolutely thrilled to have clawed his way to civilization in order to chair this committee. He is a third-year pre-medical Public Policy student at the University of Chicago and ChoMUN XXII marks his third tour of duty with the organization.

Last year, he served as an Experienced AC under the peerless leadership of Ethan Della Rocca and Eli Judge in Alea Jacta Est: Senatus Romanus, 52 BC.

Nikolai is an avid fan of automobiles, ravenously consumes science-fiction content of all flavors, and appreciates a good joke.

If you have any questions about the committee, simply want to discuss why the Star Wars Prequels are actually cinematographic masterpieces, or can provide particularly potent witticisms, please feel free to email him at


ethan della rocca

Crisis Director

Ethan is excited to be the better of two crisis directors for Tokyo Drift: The Mid Night Club, 1987-1999. A third-year Classics major who is just starting to realize that knowing Latin isn’t enough to get a real job, Ethan is returning to ChoMUN for his third committee.

Last year, he and Eli Judge worked tirelessly as crisis directors for the committee Alea Jacta Est: Senatus Romanus, 52 BC. Nikolai Eklund, then a fearless Experienced AC, helped out along the way.

Originally from Connecticut, Ethan has since left behind the life of the East Coast elites. Now he busies himself with everyday activities, like slowly translating the original Pokémon games into Latin.

If you have any questions about the committee, video games as a legitimate artistic medium, or you just want to talk to him about the weird music he finds YouTube, you can contact him at

eli judge

Crisis Director

Eli is excited to be the better of the two crisis directors for Tokyo Drift: The Mid Night Club, 1987-1999. A fourth-year Classics major at the University of Chicago, this is Eli’s record-breaking fourth time participating in ChoMUN.

This past year, he served as the crisis director for Alea Jacta Est: Senatus Romanus, 52 BC alongside Ethan Della Rocca, with Nikolai Eklund serving as their mediocre-at-best experienced AC.

Despite hailing from the People’s Republic of Madison, Wisconsin, Eli is an avid Oklahoma Sooners football fan. Voted “least likely to succeed at anything” in his high school’s senior superlatives, Eli enjoys pub trivia, romantic walks on the beach, and pointing out the immorality of becoming an investment banker.

If you have any questions about the committee, wristwatch maintenance, or if you know anything about sectarian violence in the 4th century Roman Empire that could help him with his BA thesis, feel free to contact Eli at