To Strike a Woman is To Strike a Rock: The Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW), 1980

 “To strike a woman is to strike a rock!” was the chant repeated by the Federation of South African Women as they embarked on the historic Women’s March of 1956 on Pretoria. This committee will simulate the Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW) –– a group that began in the 1950s, was comprised of women across political and ethnic spectra, and fought for justice and equality for women. At its inception, the organization fought for South African women by working against apartheid as well as indigenous legal codes that discriminated against women. Committee begins in the 1980s, where after being forced underground in the 1960s, a new group of women was ready to revive FEDSAW and tailor it to problems being raised 30 years after its inception. At its start,

FEDSAW represented a radical movement of mothers from across all state-defined racial groups coming together to defend their rights –– Now, generational gaps must be bridged in order to achieve a better life for the South African Women. FEDSAW, as it stands in the revival, functions in a moment while South Africa is still in the grips of apartheid. Delegates must come prepared to battle as only an advocacy organization can, coordinating action and policy to push back against laws promoting the supremacy of the white male. On a broader scale, committee will need to work together to tackle what it means to support women intersectionally, how to remain relevant without being eaten up by larger political organizations, and what the role of men is within the feminist movement.

Cameron Bernstein


Cameron (she, her, hers) is a fourth-year majoring in Statistics, because she loves math but also loves having a job. She is also in her final year of being a pre-med. On campus, Cameron is a member of UC Cheer, helps run UChicago’s 24 Theater Festival Theater[24], works in a lab making 3D models of veins, and is an active participant at UChicago Hillel. In her non-existent free time, Cameron enjoys drawing (@c.o.bernstein) and listening to podcasts. In the past, Cameron was a CD at ChoMUN 21 on ¡Vivan las Mariposas! The Fall of Trujillo 1959 and was a CD at ChoMUN 22 on Bayan Ko! The Rebirth of Philippine Democracy Under President Aquino 1986. She also competed on the traveling MUN team until she realized that she did not need validation in the form of a small hammer. Cameron is excited to chair for her final year so she can interact with delegates who have not yet realized that. She was a USG for MUNUC, UChicago’s high school MUN conference and, in other years, has served as an executive there. Cameron hails from Long Grove, IL and cannot confirm nor deny whether she was driving the truck that destroyed the covered bridge and symbolized Long Grove's dominance over cities like Spokane. Cameron is so excited to be your chair at ChoMUN XXIII! If you have any questions or would like a video of her kissing her elbow, email her at

Debbie Adewale

Crisis Director

Debbie (she, her, hers) is a second-year, hailing from Spokane, Washington, the greatest and most important city in America. At UChicago, she is planning on double-majoring in Public Policy and Biology on the pre-med track and is definitely not a masochist! Last year, Debbie was an Assistant Chair for both ChoMUN and MUNUC, UChicago’s high school MUN conference. This year, in addition to ChoMUN, she is chairing the UNSC at MUNUC. Debbie also competes for UChicago’s competitive MUN team, where she is the best second-year (Disclaimer: This is an outside opinion, not Debbie's). Beyond Model UN, Debbie is a member of New Americans UChicago, an organization that helps US permanent residents prepare for citizenship exams. She loves public service! Also, Debbie is a national celebrity and was the star of Macklemore’s Downtown music video. Debbie can’t wait to meet all the amazing delegates that come to make South Africa a better place! If you have any questions, please reach out to her at

Beau Simon

Crisis Director

Beau (he, him, his) is a second-year in the College, double-majoring in Public Policy and Economics. He hails from Yardley Pennsylvania, a town known for being the birthplace of the Train Collectors Association (TCA) which now boasts a membership of 30,000 enthusiastic train collectors [1]. Unfortunately for the TCA, Beau Simon is not a card-carrying train enthusiast. Rather, his pastimes include involvement with UChicago’s Institute of Politics, brotherhood in his fraternity Sigma Chi, and thorough involvement in UChicago Model UN. Beau loves competing with UChicago’s traveling MUN team and, more importantly, loves spending time with the people on the team. He is also involved in MUNUC, Chicago’s high school conference, serving as an AC last year and hoping to moderate for the next conference. Beau was an Assistant Chair for ChoMUN 22 on Bayan Ko: The Rebirth of Philippine Democracy Under Corazon Aquino 1986, and will be Crisis Directing FEDSAW 1980 alongside Debbie this ChoMUN. Please feel free to contact Beau at

Secretariat oversight:

Jordanna Yochai, Under-Secretary-General