Friday the 13th

The Fall of the Knights Templar


The Knights Templar rose from the humblest of origins: nine knights, dedicating themselves to protecting the pilgrims determined to see the Holy Land near the onset of the Crusades in 1119. As the Crusades grew in importance to both the Catholic Church and the rest of Europe, so too grew the importance of the Templars, who acquired land and many more fearless knights not only in the Holy Land, also in Europe itself. The great successes and small kingdoms created from the early crusades did not last, however. Saladin and the Turks broke the small Christian kingdoms one by one, and soon the Templars found themselves with great power and important roles in Europe, but no home in the Land they were dedicated to defend. Now, it is the year 1307, and the Templars are at a turning point in their organizations path. Sentiment stands against them, threats of a forced merger with the Hospitallers loom, a new Crusade looks distant, and Philip IV of France plots against the holy order. With dangers ready to strike on every side, the Masters of the Order must use every ounce of creativity, determination, and cooperation to navigate a world that left the Templar Knights behind.


Fernando de stefanis


Fernando De Stefanis hails from Rome, the Eternal City. He is a fourth year majoring in Mathematics and Economics at the College. He has been involved in MUN activities for 6 years now, both as a staffer for ChoMUN and as a delegate on UChicago’s MUN Team. He has served as an Assistant Chair on the Medici Bank at ChoMUN XVIII, as a Chair for Bribesville at ChoMUN XIX, and as an Under-Secretary-General for ChoMUN XX.. Outside of ChoMUN, he is a member of UChicago’s Careers in Financial Markets Group.

Beyond academics, in a fairly atypical fashion for a European, he is an avid NBA fan with a passion for sports statistics. He originally got into MUN because of his interest in International Relations, but he soon realized that it meant much more to him. He believes that it is a great way to challenge oneself by competing against incredibly talented and dedicated individuals, and he hopes that your ChoMUN experience will be at least as good as his past 6 years on the circuit have been.


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paul soltys

Crisis Director

Paul Soltys is a third year majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Statistics, who hails from the greatest state of all: New Jersey. Political theory, soccer, reading, and teaching at local schools are a few of the things he ends up getting involved in when he isn’t working on ChoMUN. He has worked on two past committees: Africatastrophe: Nigeria, and Come and Take it: Texas 1835. A lover of oddball politics and better yet oddball pseudo-militaristic organizations, he is excited to see which delegates will survive the Fall, and which ones will rise up to build the incredible legends and myths the Templar are surrounded by to this day.

USG: Nachiket Agrawal