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tamil students league of 1970

You are a group of young Tamil individuals in Sri Lanka in 1970. The current political and social environment, ruled by a democratic government, currently favoring the ethnic majority of the Sinhalese people, is turning out to be a disaster for your people. As a group of university students, you and your family have faced constant discrimination throughout your life; your parents have seen their land being taken away from them right in front of their eyes by Sinhalese forces; you, your brothers and sisters are being stripped of their right to education as you get rejected by all central universities; all in all, the government and the judicial system is as dysfunctional as ever in delivering actions for the Tamil people, and is always tending to the wants and whims of the Sinhalese.

Given this frustration you constantly have been facing, you all decide to meet as a group to discuss and decide the steps you, as the uprising Tamil youth and other Tamil individuals, can take to tackle and combat these issues of oppression. Do you take the militaristic route and take down the Sri Lankan army? Do you take the diplomatic approach to settle matters domestically and internationally? Despite whichever route you all decide to take, one thing is for sure: the fate of your people now lies in your hands.

nachiket agrawal


Nachiket (or as his followers like to call him: Nachos, or Taco) is a second year majoring in Economics and minoring in Astronomy & Astrophysics. Why and how he plans to connect the two is something he often asks himself, and hopes that he finds out before he retires.

Originally from Northern India, born and brought up in Mumbai, now living in Dubai, Nachos has no idea why Adarsh dragged him into affairs of the South of South Asia by chairing the Tamil Students League, but he says he has been promised some crispy dosa and hot sambar in return, and so is content. For now. In his free time, he enjoys laughing at everything he can; sometimes at others’ jokes, but more so at his own. His favorite comedians/movies include Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Donald Trump, Rush Hour 3 and Ted.

At ChoMUN XIX, he served as a first-time staffer in The Salmon Brothers, and is very excited to be your Chair for the Tamil Students League, a committee that’s going to test each delegate’s strengths in being a powerful and innovative force to be reckoned with.

If you have any fancy nickname ideas, Astrophysics queries, comedian suggestions (or offers to be a standup comedian!), oh and to talk about the Tamil Students League, hit him up at!

adarsh kumar

Crisis Director

Adarsh is a second year student currently double-majoring in Economics and Public Policy. He is ethnically a Tamilian (which partly illuminates his passion for the topic and fully explains his inability to adapt to the Mid-west weather) and has been brought up in Singapore. Given a great interest in South-Asian affairs, Adarsh roped in Nachiket into heading this committee with the false promise of exquisite South Indian food.

A notorious binge-watcher of television, Adarsh is always caught up or has completed most of the television shows out there ranging from Game of Thrones (#TeamKhaleesi) to Friends (#TheyWereOnABreak). However, till date, his favorite show remains Breaking Bad (#SayMyName). In his own words, he was “inspired and moved by the rise of Walter White from a soulless school teacher to a ruthless methamphetamine business mogul”. While some think this is one of his silly jokes, others are actually worried by this source of inspiration.

Outside of television, Adarsh is highly passionate of Economics, his major. He is always up for an Economics discussion, but gives a fair warning of conversations possibly becoming heated. He also thoroughly enjoys (and misses, in order of importance) Indian food, cricket and the sun. Adarsh is also actively involved in MUN, both as a member of the team and as a staffer at MUNUC and ChoMUN. At ChoMUN XIX, he was a crisis staffer in the RAW Indian Intelligence committee.

Adarsh is extremely excited to Crisis Direct this wonderfully exciting committee. Should you have any committee-related queries or concerns, or would simply like to chat with him about #TeamRoss vs. #TeamRachel, shoot an email to him at

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