Dinner at the Rezidentura

The Soviet Apparatus in the United States, 1980


The Cold War dominated geopolitics for decades, laying the foundation for the structure of the modern international system. In 1980, just prior to the downfall of the Soviet Union, the Soviet apparatus in Washington D.C. did everything in its power to advance Soviet interests in the United States and abroad, utilizing the vast array of diplomatic and clandestine powers at its disposal. Headquartered at the Soviet Embassy, or Rezidentura, the highest ranking public and covert Soviet officials stationed in the United States met often over dinner to devise strategies to combat the capitalist American pigs in a last ditch effort to turn the tide of the Cold War. As the last hope of the Soviet Union and the communist project, our comrades in the United States will have to work tirelessly and cohesively to take down the ultimate enemy – all from within the lion’s den.

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Zach Wehrli


Zach is fourth year in The College double majoring in Political Science and Germanic Studies. Originally from Salem, Oregon, Zach has staffed crisis committees at MUNUC, crisis directed Hillary Clinton’s State Department, and chaired Pan American Airlines at ChoMUN. Outside of staffing conferences and competing on UChicago's Model UN team, Zach works as a fellow in the admissions office, spends time with his fraternity brothers, serves as the chair of the International Policy Program Committee at the Institute of Politics, writes for the Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy, and interns downtown at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Zach couldn’t be more excited to be chairing Dinner at the Rezidentura as it’s sure to be a unique and exciting committee - he’s looking forward to seeing all of you at ChoMUN XXI next spring!
Please don’t hesitate to contact him with any questions at zachwehrli@uchicago.edu


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Aradhana Parikh

Crisis Director

Originally from Ahmedabad in India, Aradhana is a fourth year majoring in Biological Sciences and Economics (because non-science majors are weak and she needed a GPA boost). She has previously chaired the Khana Ratsadon: Siamese Revolution 1932 at ChoMUN XIX, CDed Philip Morris at ChoMUN XX and is currently Director of UChicago’s travel team. Apart from ChoMUN and competing with UChicago’s MUN team, Aradhana spends her time working at UChicago's admissions office, biking/running along the lake, exploring the city and attempting to wear flip-flops in sub-zero temperatures. If you have questions, email her at aradhanaparikh@uchicago.edu.

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Anna Eckhoff

Crisis Director

Anna is a 4th year student Double majoring in Economics and History with a specialization in communist states. Anna is highly involved in UChicago's traveling MUN team and was the chair of the Cleopatra committee at ChoMUN in 2016. Outside of Model UN, Anna is the head of New Americans, an organization which helps immigrants through the naturalization process, and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She is a member of Women in Business and will be working in consulting this summer.

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