roar of the lion

the life and times of lee kuan yew 1965-2015


The “Lion City”’s first few years as a sovereign nation were more of a whimper than a roar. Lacking resources and facing massive economic problems, social unrest, and security threats from within and without, the Republic of Singapore should by all rights not exist today. Yet under the leadership of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his small cabinet of advisors, Singapore transformed in a mere three decades from a poor, unstable backwater into an economic powerhouse and a cosmopolitan democracy, one of the most important cities in the world.

In this committee, delegates will represent the cabinet of Lee Kuan Yew from 1965 to 2015. They will be charged with guiding the development of the city-state while leading their own personal business empires to worldwide prominence and eliminating their rivals -- through means legal and otherwise. The staff will work alongside individual delegates to implement their long-term plans, creating a unique experience that rewards both extensive research and creative vision.

aakaash rao


Aakaash Rao is a second year from the San Francisco Bay Area majoring in Mathematics and Economics. While not in the campus dining commons or complaining about the campus dining commons, Aakaash can be found composing music, playing soccer, or — in his capacity as his house’s dining representative — fielding proposals to improve the campus dining commons. Aakaash is serving as Crisis Director for Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet at MUNUC XXIX and previously served as an assistant chair on Dabraham’s ChoMUN XIX committee, Goodluck Outta Luck. He looks forward to chairing what is sure to be an incredibly unique and faced-paced committee. 

Aakaash is happy to answer any questions at

daviD abraham

Crisis Director

There once was a man from St. Louis;

Who tended to describe himself as Jew-ish;

His politics are a mystery;

One of his majors is history;

And in ChoMUN he’s certainly not newish.


His name happened to be David;

His obsession with economics is frequently stated;

He CD’d Nigeria;

He’s no fan of Chi-beria;

In Catan he really is hated.

(No, seriously, don’t play Catan with him. You will have a very bad time)


Dabraham’s favorite city is Hong Kong;

He’s a fourth year, so he won’t be staying long;

But Singapore’s fine;

So please drop him a line;

And we hope that nothing will go wrong.


He AC’d for Alex on Ulysses S. Grant;

About Political Economy you’ll see him rant;

He’s also involved on the circuit;

In crises you’ve sure seen him work it;

And hopes this summer he won’t be fired from Novantas.

alex nye


Let me tell you of a man named Nye;

Astute, devious, and very, very fly;

Hailing from Chicago;

Anything but Iago;

Alex tries very hard to be a nice guy.


He has been involved in MUN forever;

It brings all of his interests together;

A history genuine;

Moralist who needn’t win;

This activity lets him be nerdy and clever.


Alex is getting a Masters in International Relations;

His thesis says something of the debt of nations;

Majored in Law Letters;

So he studied whatevers;

This graduate degree represents his academic aspirations.


He regularly competes on the circuit;

Everyone who remembers him is nervous;

His back room is legendary;

Paralyzingly any adversary;

To say he's not crazy would do him a disservice.


Alex is eager to crisis direct Singapore;

Over the course of a weekend he will make the Lion City roar. 

Having studied how the city developed and grew;

He cannot wait to author the Life and Times of Lee Kuan Yew.

USG: Aiden Million