creating the province of freedom

sierra leone 1792

In 1792, eleven hundred hopeful settlers arrived on the empty shores of Freetown, Sierra Leone under the auspices of the Sierra Leone Company. They were former American slaves who were unhappy with their lives in Nova Scotia and sought a better life on the other side of the ocean. The abolitionist Englishmen who formed the Sierra Leone Company had promised these settlers an independent and abundant existence in the new settlement of Freetown—provided they build it first. United by shared personal histories and divided by religious and political interests, the Nova Scotian settlers must work together to create new lives from scratch. Delegates will have to contend with the missteps  of the Sierra Leone Company, French invasion, religious conflict, and unstable relations with the indigenous inhabitants as members of the settlers’ elected representative council. The settlers, their British governor, and a handful of preachers and merchants  will be confronted with all the challenges of building a new society from twenty square miles of uncleared forest on a continent thousands of miles from their previous home.

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mia radovanovic


Mia Radovanovic is a second year at UChicago majoring in Psychology. She comes from Florida but is originally from Former Yugoslavia. This year she will be returning after serving as a staffer for JCC French Revolution: Vive Le Roi at CHOMUN XIX. Outside of school and Model UN, Mia enjoys distance running and watching Youtube videos to procrastinate on the previously described activities. She is very excited to be working with you and chairing such a unique committee!

carina baker

Crisis Director

Carina Baker is a fourth year in the college majoring in physics (specialization astrophysics) and minoring in English. She is excited to be returning as a crisis director this year after serving as crisis director last year for Vive Le Roi: JCC French Revolution at ChoMUN XIX. She also previously crisis directed the Annexation Club: Kingdom of Hawaii 1892 at ChoMUN XVIII, as well as staffing the Finnish War Cabinet at ChoMUN XVII. Outside of ChoMUN, Carina helps run the Ryerson Astronomical Society and a creative writing group. Carina is thrilled to be able to crisis direct Creating the Province of Freedom: Sierra Leone, 1792.