Tim Hofmockel is a fourth year majoring in Political Science and Germanic Studies. He’s been an active part of the Model UN community at the University of Chicago throughout his college career, as both a member of the competitive team and a member of the staff for our high school conference. At ChoMUN XVIII, Tim lived out his interests in great power politics as the Chair of a committee simulating the Ottoman Empire, and he was an Under-Secretary-General the following year. When not doing work for Model UN, Tim is usually thinking about doing work for Model UN. Tim looks forward to an excellent ChoMUN this spring, and is eager to see the hard work of the secretariat, executives, and staff be rewarded with creativity and engagement from their delegates.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our conference or ChoMUN in general, feel free to reach out to Tim at secgen@chomun.org




Ezer smith


Ezer Smith is a fourth year majoring in Political Science with a minor in Religious Studies. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio—home of world-class ice cream and terrible pizza—and has gradually developed a reluctant pride in the flat, repetitive land of the Midwest he calls home.

In previous iterations of ChoMUN he has served as an Assistant Chair for Yitzhak Rabin’s Cabinet (ChoMUN XVII); Crisis Director for the Board of Directors of the British East India Company (ChoMUN XVIII); and Under-Secretary-General for eight committees last year at ChoMUN XIX. He is honored to spend his final year at UChicago serving as Director-General for ChoMUN XX alongside a wonderful and talented Secretariat. When not working to make ChoMUN XX the best crisis conference on the circuit, he can be found cooking, worrying about his B.A. Thesis/finding a job, and complaining about the Chicago weather.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him at director.general@chomun.org







Sofia Wyetzner is a fourth year studying Computer Science and Molecular Engineering. Previous to living in Chicago, she spent her whole life in New York City, and therefore behaves accordingly.

She has participated in ChoMUN since her first year when she was an Administrative Staffer, and served on the Secretariat as Design Director for ChoMUNs XVIII and XIX. She is excited to serve in a different capacity for her last year at the College as the Chief Administrative Officer.

Outside of Model UN she is a Layout Editor and Webmaster for the South Side Weekly, an independent newspaper, and does research with a Molecular Engineering lab. Outside of school she enjoys art museums, procrastinating her problem sets, and rooting for New York sports teams (the good ones, not the ones that rhyme with “frets”). She is very excited for a third year on the Secretariat and hopes that you all buy beer steins.





Sagar Tikoo is a third year in the College studying Economics and Molecular Engineering. Though born in India, he spent most of his life in the Michigan before moving to suburban New Jersey. Involved in Model UN since high school, Sagar staffed the Ad Hoc at ChoMUN his first year and Chaired the Sikh Empire committee at ChoMUN XIX, as well as competing for the traveling team. Outside of Model UN, Sagar enjoys Debate, discovering new music, playing his ukulele, and catching up on novels and television. He hopes to pursue a career in financial services. Sagar is incredibly excited to serve as the Chief Financial Officer for ChoMUN XX and looks forward to meeting you all.

Sagar can be reached at cfo@chomun.org. Please feel free to contact him with any questions or concerns about the conference and/or possible business opportunities.








Jakob Solheim is a third year in the College studying Economics and Public Policy. Jakob was born in Rome, but currently hails from Vermont after living in most of Western Europe at one point or another (although never in England or Norway where he would be an actual citizen).

Now in Chicago, Jakob has dived into Model UN and could not be more excited about serving as Chief of Staff for ChoMUN XX. Previously Jakob was the Chair of the Judeo-Roman War at ChoMUN XIX and he helped staff the JCC at ChoMUN XVIII, as well as running committees for UChicago’s high school conference.

Outside Model UN Jakob can be found reading a good book, debating American and International politics, listening to interesting people at the IOP, or acting in an inevitably silly play. Jakob is thoroughly looking forwards to ChoMUN XX, and could not be more excited to see what ChoMUN’s staff create for the delegates.

If you have any questions, Jakob can be reached at cos@chomun.org




grace lee

design director

Grace Lee is a second year in the College majoring in Art History and Public Policy. Her blind optimism has led her to believe that a degree from the most theoretical liberal arts college in the country will eventually parlay into practicing architecture and urban planning. Grace was born in Chicago, but since then has also lived in England, Beijing, and now resides in Princeton, New Jersey. She is convinced that her parents deliberately planned this in order to discombobulate her ability to answer the question, “where are you from?”

When she’s not putting together background guides, Grace can be found giving tours at Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, working as an urbanism research assistant in the Division of the Social Sciences, and looking for plane tickets to escape back to the east coast. Grace previously staffed ChoMUN XIX as an Administrative Staffer, and is extremely excited to serve as the Design Director for ChoMUN XX!

For any design-related inquiries, Grace can be reached at design.director@chomun.org







Kathy Zhou is a third year studying Chemistry and Computer Science. Raised in Vancouver, Beijing, San Francisco, and Chicago, she loves cities and the feel of cities, from which she gets most of her daily inspiration. Beyond the world of WBA and crisis, she is a Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow, a team member at Uncommon Hacks, a researcher at the Institute of Molecular Engineering, a board member at TEDxUChicago, and a photographer. On a typical day, Kathy can be found taking delight in the small things — exploring rooftops, visiting cafés, or baking new mixes of conventional desserts. Kathy previously served a crisis director for The Khana Ratsadon: Siamese Revolutions of 1932 and an Assistant Chair on The First Lightning: The Soviet Atomic Bomb. She is excited to make ChoMUN XX the best it has ever been.







Hannah is a fourth year majoring in Computer Science and Economics.  Hannah was born in New York City, and will regardless of context manage to slip this into conversation. For ChoMUN XIX Hannah was the Chair of NATO 1950, at ChoMUN XVIII she was a crisis director for Margaret Thatcher’s House of Commons, and at ChoMUN XVII she was an Assistant Chair on Pinochet’s Cabinet.  Hannah also runs committees for the high school conference MUNUC.  While not pursuing activities unrelated to her majors Hannah can be found cooking, cutting things with lasers, or riding her bike.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at hb.usg@chomun.org.







Fernando De Stefanis hails from Rome, the Eternal City. He is a third year majoring in Mathematics and Economics at the College. He has been involved in MUN activities for 5 years now, both as a staffer for ChoMUN and as a delegate on UChicago’s MUN Team. He has served as an Assistant Chair on the Medici Bank at ChoMUN XVIII and as a Chair for Bribesville at ChoMUN XIX. Outside of ChoMUN, he is a member of UChicago’s Careers in Financial Markets Group.

Beyond academics, in a fairly atypical fashion for a European, he is an avid NBA fan. He originally got into MUN because of his interest in International Relations, but he soon realized that it meant much more to him. He believes that it is a great way to challenge oneself by competing against incredibly talented and dedicated individuals, and he hopes that your ChoMUN experience will be at least as good as his past 5 years on the circuit have been.

If you wish to discuss any of the committees he is responsible for, feel free to reach out to him at fds.usg@chomun.org





Tracy is a third year in the College, majoring in Economics and hoping to minor in Computer Science, or Physics, or Molecular Engineering? She suffers from acute indetermination on the matter. What she is sure of is that this ChoMUN will be the best yet! After serving as an Assistant Chair for Viva Las Vegas for ChoMUN XVIII and Chair of Salomon Brothers at ChoMUN XIX, she is honored to serve as an Under-Secretary-General and oversee six brilliant committees run by equally brilliant Executives. Tracy hails from the “gorges” Ithaca, New York – the town that holds the world record for the largest human peace sign ever created (sorry Yoko Ono!). When she isn’t working on problem sets, Tracy can be found playing piano, trying to play ukulele, exploring Chicago’s amazing food scene, and watching an inordinate number of movies.

Please feel free to contact her at tl.usg@chomun.org






Aiden Million is a third year student at UChicago studying History. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia but spent most of her life in Geneva, Switzerland which she considers home alongside her newfound one in Chicago. At ChoMUN XVIII, Aiden was an Assistant Chair on Mussolini's Cabinet and at Chomun XIX she served as a Chair for the King's Cabinet side of the French Revolution JCC. As someone who clearly cannot get enough of MUN, Aiden will also be crisis directing the UNSC at UChicago's high school conference, MUNUC, and competing as a part of UChicago's traveling Team.

Outside of MUN, Aiden spends most of her time in class or working at the UChicago Admissions Office giving tours of campus for prospective students. But as an avid fan of the Chicago food scene, all her fun tour anecdotes involve some kind of food related experience in the city and is always looking to visit new places that will inspire more fun stories. Finally, as one of four Under-Secretary-Generals at ChoMUN XX, she will be one of many people working to put on an awesome conference this year.

Feel free to reach out to her at am.usg@chomun.org with questions or recommendations about where she should eat next!