Save the Whales: Pan-American and Oceanic Climate Summit, 2020

Climate change is inevitable. It will define our generation; it will cross borders, parties, and classes; it will demand sacrifice, risk, and politically-inconvenient solutions. According to the World Health Organization, climate change will be responsible for at least an additional quarter million deaths per year and approximately three billion dollars a year in health costs by 2030. But it’s difficult to understand what those numbers mean in terms of human cost and impact to way of life. It is this incomprehensibly *large* problem that this committee will be tasked with addressing. At the Pan-American and Oceanic Summit (POS2020), you will draft an ambitious treaty, one that will guarantee concrete international action to address key facets of this issue.

At ChoMUN, you will be divided into predetermined working groups, each of which corresponds to one of the key climate change problems. Within these groups, delegates can hammer out detailed policies addressing the assigned subtopic. When working groups submit their proposed sections, those sections will be combined into a preliminary treaty by the dais. Then committee will have a few sessions to freely form new blocs to lobby amendments and substantive changes to the preliminary treaty. Our goal for the POS2020 is to undergo a treaty-making process that challenges delegates to grapple with the realities of international politics –– inconvenient partnerships, constantly shifting technology, and directly conflicting policy goals. 

Grace Park


Originally from sunny California, Grace is a fourth-year majoring in Economics and minoring in Environmental Economic Policy at the University of Chicago. Her Model UN experience includes being the President of UChicago’s travel team, as well as chairing and crisis directing both at ChoMUN and MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference. Outside of MUN, she is a research assistant; past projects have dealt with alternative energy policy, private-sector negotiations, and water pricing strategies. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and watching nature documentaries. She’s currently working toward cutting coffee out of her life and is immensely enjoying the transition to dry swallowing caffeine pills. Grace is available at She will either respond in three minutes or never open your email.

Olivia Shaw


Having grown up in the town that hosts the largest environmental celebration in the U.S., the Clearwater Festival, Olivia learned one important thing about environmental activism –– all of the words to Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Olivia is a fourth-year in the College majoring in Political Science and minoring in history, with specializations in immigration and stateless peoples. In past ChoMUNs, Olivia was an Assistant Chair for the Ad Hoc (ChoMUN XX), the moderator for Brussel 2023 (ChoMUN XXI), and the Crisis Director for Because I Said So: The National Congress of Mothers 1900-1925 (ChoMUN XXII). To make an "Olivia," you should mix one part "ChoMUN," three parts "UChicago's Competitive Model UN Team," a hefty sprinkle of "the Student Advisory Board for UChicago’s Institute of Politics," a pinch of "the Community Activism Law Alliance," strawberry ice cream, and LOT of coffee, shake well, and pour it over ice… because Olivia is literally *always* cold. If you have any questions about Save the Whales, or are in need of a good wholesome meme, please feel free to reach out to her at

Kelsey Gilchrist


Kelsey is a second-year double-majoring in Physics and Molecular Engineering (#STEMinMUN). She’s from the Washington D.C. Area (Northern Virginia) so she feels right at home in Model UN. Last ChoMUN, Kelsey was an Assistant Chair for Bell Labs and looks forward to exploring how she can once again bring her personal love of sCiEncE and tEcH into a committee. Kelsey also competes with UChicago’s traveling MUN team. Kelsey’s life outside of MUN revolves pretty much around her research internships; however, she’s also passionate about science outreach and science policy. She hopes to someday write for a science magazine. Kelsey also writes fiction and poetry for fun, but those are less publishable. In her free time, you can catch Kelsey eating Orville Redenbacher’s gluten free microwave popcorn and re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you need 90s TV show recommendations or information about celiac-friendly food options in the Chicago area, please reach out to!

Secretariat oversight:

Jordanna Yochai, Under-Secretary-General