The Good, the Vlad, the Ugly

The Cabinet of the Russian Government, 2013

Russian politics are dirty, unfair, and deadly. Those who speak up against Vladimir Putin usually find themselves dead or outcast with their fortunes, titles, and power seemingly vanishing overnight.

It is hard to overstate the amount of power Vladimir Putin wields in Russia, but there are many who help him do the dirty work. The Cabinet of the Russian Government is made up of Ministers who do the President's bidding; their story is his story, and they are the individuals that have allowed Russia to become not just the international antagonist we mainly focus on in Western media, but also violators of human rights and long-held customs who allow Putin's patronage system to stay in place for over two decades.

Whether someone is Minister of Foreign Affairs or Minister of Sport, everyone in Putin’s government must swear their loyalty, or at least feign it very well. The Cabinet of the Russian Government will have to come together to carry out the wishes of President Putin and attempt to satisfy his ultimate vision for Russia: its return to the world power that it used to be—minus the communism.

All this while dealing with international and domestic crises? Sounds like a walk in the park. What direction will they take to return Russia to its former glory? And how will they maintain power as they do it?


joseph magliocco


Hailing from the best—or worst if you ask him—state in the country, Connecticut, Joe is a second year in the college with a heavy interest in politics. Last year, Joe participated in his first ChoMUN as an AC on Oh, Canada: The Founding Fathers of the Canadian Confederation and is an active member of our Model UN team.

Joe is a member of Zeta Psi, a frat second in prestige only to MUN, the letters of which he once tattooed on his chest (if you ask he’ll show you). To Hugo and Josh’s dismay, Joe is an AVID fan of country music and should have been born somewhere out West “where the mountains are, ya know?” 

He is simultaneously a jock and a nerd, begging his friends to either accompany him to a showing of Star Wars or the next Mets game (read: get ready for a lot of “I am the Senate” jokes). Joe and Hugo met on Facebook and bonded over their love of MUN, and look at them now, it’s every Facebook friend’s dream!

When Joe is not at Team or ChoMUN meetings, you can find him at Crown where the “real people work out,” the Apple Store contesting broken devices, or talking to someone about his workout regimen.

Joe is excited to meet you all and cannot wait to be your chair at ChoMUN! Feel free to reach out to him at

hugo barrillon

Crisis Director

French by birth, but American by heart, Hugo is also from Connecticut. Fortunately, he only met Joe at UChicago. A second year in the college studying Political Science, this is his second ChoMUN previously serving as an AC on Eleanor Roosevelt’s East Wing.

Hugo will defend his country to the death, fighting you with a baguette and yelling at you in incoherent French. Maybe this year, Joe will choose Hugo as a roommate…

When he is not spending an hour and a half to pick his outfit in the morning, Hugo is MUNUC Chair, architectural nerd, and an avid hater of most things Joe says and does. Hugo can usually be found using his masterful knowledge of the CTA to get around the city, in Cathey Dining Hall, or creeping about in the stacks at the Reg. Do not fret though, he is impeccably dressed for all of it. Some things he enjoys include, and I quote, “Beyonce, videos of Naomi Campbell being shady, and ‘Call Me By Your Name’.”

Hugo is incredibly excited to meet you all and serve looks while serving as your CD. Feel free to reach out to him at

joshua zakharov

Crisis Director

Josh "The Original Moscow Mule" Zakharov is straight out of Russia (read: the Bronx), and "he can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that his parents were KGB Agents," despite constant badgering from Hugo and Joe. This will be his second ChoMUN after serving as an AC on Oh, Canada: The Founding Fathers of the Canadian Confederation last year.

He is a graduate of Bronx Science (yeah, yeah, we know super annoying) and in typical fashion he speaks French, Russian, English, and a “little bit of Latin.” A proud varsity “Table-Tennis Athlete,” he has also competed in debate on the APDA Circuit. Here at the University, Josh is the Editor-in-Chief of the Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy, Students for Criminal Justice Reform, is an Research Assistant at the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, a brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, and, most importantly moderates our meme page.

When he’s not busy doing everything and anything at this school, you can find him baking a mean banana bread or using the word “yuh”. Also, if you go the whole weekend without violating the Magnitsky Act, you’ll earn special Josh points (no gavel or cash value)!

Josh is excited to meet you all and can’t wait to be your crisis God! Feel free to reach out to him at