Eleanor roosevelt's east wing


“I knew what traditionally would lie before me,” said Eleanor Roosevelt, "and I cannot say I was pleased.” And thus launched the career of this reluctant, but remarkable First Lady, a master politician of the 20th century, and a trailblazer for the emerging modern American woman. In a position with neither job description nor constitutional status, Eleanor curated her own role; she was the first to hold press conferences, first to visit soldiers in war zones, first to give thousands of speeches in every corner of the globe, and first to take an active role in shaping policy.

You are her brain trust of close advisors and experts, her friends in high places. Together you must maneuver Eleanor’s agenda in the corridors of the White House, across the country and the world. Together you hold immense influence over the executive branch, and the direction of the United States of America.

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tracy lai


Tracy is a fourth year in the College majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science. She hails from the “gorges” Ithaca, New York – the town that holds the world record for the largest human peace sign ever created (sorry Yoko Ono!). After serving as Chair of Salomon Brothers at ChoMUN XIX and an Under-Secretary-General for ChoMUN XX, Tracy is thrilled to be running Eleanor Roosevelt’s East Wing with Helen and Alex. Eleanor was a remarkable lady, and this is sure to be a remarkable committee. When she isn’t working on problem sets, Tracy can be found playing piano, trying to play ukulele, exploring Chicago’s amazing food scene, and watching an inordinate number of movies and documentaries about food.

Please feel free to contact her at tracylai@uchicago.edu

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Helen zhang

Crisis Director

Helen Zhang is a fourth year in the College majoring in Public Policy. This will be her third and last year crisis-directing for ChoMUN, having served as an executive on ChoMUN XIX’s Women’s Social & Political Union and ChoMUN XVIII’s 1971 Trinidad & Tobago committee. She also competes with the UChicago team and serves as the Chief of Staff for MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference. Helen generally love committees with HBIC chairs in the 20th century; she is obviously very excited to be one of your executives for Eleanor Roosevelt’s East Wing. Outside of MUN, Helen works as a tour guide with the UChicago admissions office, tutors with the Neighborhood Schools program in the Hyde Park area, and loves getting brunch.

Please feel free to reach out to Helen at helenzhang@uchicago.edu.

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alex price

Crisis Director

Alex is a second year double-majoring in Russian/Eastern European Studies and History, with a possible minor in German if she can fit it into her busy schedule. A native of the hip-yet-underrated city of Columbus, Ohio, Alex is more than happy to let everyone know why she loves her hometown (and why everyone else should love it too!). When she’s not busy with schoolwork or Model UN, Alex can often be found in on-campus coffee shops writing articles for The Gate (the University’s political review), reading books in Russian, planning trips abroad that she can’t afford, and drinking exorbitant amounts of coffee. Alex aspires to one day be at least half as cool as Eleanor Roosevelt, and is very excited to be running this committee in her honor at ChoMUN XXI!

Please feel free to reach out to Alex at aprice22@uchicago.edu.

USG: Sabine Nau