Alea Jacta Est

Senatus Romanus, Consule Quinto Caecilio Metello et Gnaeo Pompei Magno, 702 A.U.C. (52 B.C.)


In 52 BC, as Gaius Julius Caesar finishes his campaigns in Gaul, with hoards of gold and an incredibly loyal army in tow, angry mobs are rioting in Rome, seeking a guilty verdict for the murder of the popular leader Publius Clodius Pulcher at the hands of the elite, senatorial Titus Annius Milo. The mighty Pompey the Great, hero of the fight against the Mediterranean Pirates and the Mithridatic Wars, has convened a meeting of the august Roman Senate, the leviathan that must quell the people of Rome and coordinate with governors and generals like Caesar to keep the peace across all provinces. Factional tensions are rising in the city and abroad, with the populares and optimates jockeying for control of this most ancient of Roman institutions and of the burgeoning empire itself. The Senators will be the accomplished rhetoricians, military commanders, bankers, diplomats, schemers, and dreamers, all of whom will have to stiffen their sinews with refined Roman decorum to bring to their families and friends all the glory and prosperity the eternal city has to offer.

Michele Moghrabi


Michele (pronounced Mee-keh-leh) is a third year at the University of Chicago majoring in Philosophy. After being initially tempted by the evil ways of the Chicago “school” of trick(le)nomics, he underwent human emancipation so he could spend his time arguing with any RevCom's lurking around the business school. Although he was born and raised in Milan, the unofficial capital of Italy, he attended high school in Paris before moving to Chicago. Besides staffing and running committees that have a lot to do with Italy, (Bribesville, Papal Synod 1492), Michele enjoys eating fine Italian food and complaining about American politics. If you have any questions about the committee or you have an ontology that works and could save him from his angst, you can email him at


Roman- Eli.jpg

Eli Judge

Crisis Director

Eli is excited to be the better of the two crisis directors for Alea Jacta Est: Senatus Romanus, 52 BC. A third-year at the University of Chicago, this is Eli’s third time participating in ChoMUN. During his first year, he was an AC on the Judeo-Roman War committee, perfectly melding his only two noteworthy traits: being a Classics major and being Jewish. This past year he served as an experienced AC with the eminently capable Ethan Della Rocca and somewhat capable Michele Moghrabi in the Papal Synod 1492 committee.

Despite being a native of the only nice part of Wisconsin, Madison, Eli is an avid Oklahoma Sooners football fan. Eli enjoys trivia, pretending to study in the library, and pointing out the immorality of becoming an investment banker.

If you have any questions on the committee, Italian cooking, or why Classics is a totally irrelevant major in today’s world, feel free to email him at

Roman- Ethan.jpg

Ethan Della Rocca

Crisis Director

Originally from Connecticut, Ethan decided to leave behind the life of the East Coast elites and come to the University of Chicago to find out what life was like for everyday blue collar Americans. Upon arrival, he immediately joined ChoMUN in order to immerse himself in Rust Belt culture. This is his second year working for ChoMUN. Last year, he was an AC for the Papal Synod 1492 committee. In that capacity, he had the honor of working with Eli Judge while the two of them suffered under the harsh leadership of Michele Moghrabi.

A second year majoring in Classics, and someone who is totally secure about his choice for a major and doesn’t think he’s just throwing his life and parents’ money away, Ethan is very excited to be a crisis director for this year’s Roman Senate committee. If you have questions about the committee, or if you just want to talk to him about weird indie music, why videogames are a completely legitimate art form and should be taken seriously, or why a Classics major is totally relevant to today’s world, you can contact him at

USG: Nachiket Agrawal