JCC: A Newspaper Should Have No Friends: Hearst’s New York Journal vs. Pulitzer's new york world, 1896

Pulitzer’s New York World

“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it, and above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.” – Joseph Pulitzer.

Welcome to the New York World. Cheapest prices for the most reliable news, led by our dedicated Joseph Pulitzer, who’s just trying to get the truth out there. With rustlings of tension down in Cuba and the rise of unions, having news you can trust is more important than ever. The only thing is you need to people read your newspaper to get the truth out there, and with the rise of the New York Journal, we need to do whatever it takes to get our readers to listen to us.

It’s up to you, the heart and soul of this newspaper, to make this paper the best it can be. With corruption and scandal running amuck, we need to use all the wile and guile we can muster to be the most competitive, accurate, and trustworthy newspaper in the country. Along the way though, never forget that we are, in practice, the fourth branch of government. The people trust us to report real information, not this fake news William Hearst is spreading around.

patrick lou

coordinated Crisis Director

Patrick Lou is a fourth-year majoring in English and Political Science—or Political Science and English when he’s applying to jobs. He hails from Albany, California, which has been scientifically ranked as the ninth-most liberal city in America. (One time Bernie Sanders ate a restaurant next to his high school and the whole neighborhood shut down.)

He previously staffed ChoMUN XIX’s French Revolution JCC, crisis directed one side of ChoMUN XX’s Bootleg Battle of the Marne JCC, and chaired ChoMUN XXI's French Popular Front, and he is beyond thrilled to cap off his time in ChoMUN as the CCD for this sensational JCC.He is particularly excited to be running ChoMUN’s first journalism-centric committee in many years, especially one that focuses on such titans as Pulitzer and Hearst. When not preparing to supervise a committee of simulated journalism, he spends much of his time editing real (student) journalism for The Chicago Maroon. Some of his many hobbies include spending too much money on concert tickets, trying to explain to his parents why he is in a fraternity, and modeling various articles of clothing given to him by UChicago’s high school conference MUNUC.

He’s currently learning how to play the harmonica, so if you have any tips, please email him at pyl@uchicago.edu!

joshua kaufman


Josh Kaufman is a second-year, majoring in mathematics and philosophy. Academically, he splits his time roughly evenly between reading and trying to figure out how to type out problem sets in LaTex. Josh grew up nearby in Chicago in Lincoln Park and is generally ambivalent to positive about staying close to home.

At ChoMUN XXI, he was an assistant chair for the French Popular Front, where his responsibilities included getting party hats for a New Years Party to celebrate a Republican victory in the Spanish Civil. He is excited to be working again with his former chair, Patrick, and to get to see more of the front room craziness that happens at ChoMUN.

Outside of Model UN, Josh spends most of his time organizing around economic justice on campus and stressing out about politics. He also pretty much is always listening to obscure indie music, with current favorites including Broadcast, the Microphones, and Olivia Tremor Control.

Please feel free to email Josh at jkaufman99@uchicago.edu, if you have any questions about conferences or just want to talk about things like meta-ethics and whether or not language is meaningful.

isabelle charo

Crisis Director

Isabelle is a fourth year in the College double majoring in Sociology and Public Policy and minoring in French.

She is excited to return for her final ChoMUN as the Crisis Director for the Pulitzer’s New York World side of the JCC, rounding out a full four years of creating chaos on the same committees as Whitney. However, this time around, Whitney and Isabelle decided that it would only be fitting to go head-to-head in the kind of titan-like clash that can only be embodied through 19th century print media. Coming from Washington, D.C., Isabelle has a great appreciation for sensational headlines and is very excited to embrace the spirit of industrial era click bait.

When she’s not scribbling notes, pestering ACs, and beating Whitney on ChoMUN XXII’s JCC, Isabelle can be found playing on UChicago’s club water polo team, chairing a nonprofit consulting student group, participating in Jewish life, and visiting the dog park to play with the dogs even though she doesn’t have a dog.

She is so thrilled to be ending her ChoMUN career with all of you, and if you have any questions, you can email her at icharo19@uchicago.edu.