Getting our Just Deserts

Polisario front, 1973

A desire for freedom ruptures throughout the minds of Western Saharans early in 1973, and thus came the Polisario Front.

Following the declaration of the Constituent Congress of the Polisario Front, this group of mainly Sahrawi students, soldiers, and those opposing Spanish Control, plan their path to independence. Through contentions with Morocco, Mauritania, and even Spain, the struggle for West Saharan independence and nationalization thrives under the Polisario Front.

randy ramirez


Randy is a second year studying Computational and Applied Mathematics and Political Science. He grew up in, and went to school in the lovely and quaint town of Wilton, Connecticut. Concerning ChoMUN, this is his second year involved; last year Randy was an Assistant Chair for the committee Citizens United: Senate Retreat.

In addition to ChoMUN, Randy is also a Chair for MUNUC, which is the high school MUN conference offered by UChicago. He also serves as club officer and board member of the UChicago Archery Team, a supporter of the UChicago Chapter of Lean on Me, a tutor for the Chicago Peace Corps, and is Vice President of Linn-Mathews House. In his spare time, he can be found playing (probably too much) frisbee, Melee, or tabletop games.

Randy is dedicated to making ChoMUN XXII the best it can be for delegates. You can contact him at, with any questions regarding the committee, Korean Music, or anything of your choice!

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rohan gandhi

Crisis Director

Rohan is a third year student studying Economics and Political Science. He is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and yearns for the day when everyone will understand him when he just says “Philly”. This is Rohan’s third year with ChoMUN, having previously served as an Assistant Chair for the Texas Revolution, and a Crisis Director for the Russian Provisional Government.

Outside of ChoMUN, Rohan is a Chair for MUNUC, UChicago’s high school Model UN conference, a RA for Flint House, and an avid Philly sports fan. When not thinking about MUN, you can often find him rewatching the Eagles’ Super Bowl win, insisting that he studies econ for the theory instead of the money, and tagging his friends in memes when he should be studying.

Rohan is excited to help make ChoMUN XXII the best yet. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions or concerns at