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pinkerton national detective agency 1860


The year is 1860. As the corporate world continues to evolve, businessmen seek greater control over employees who are beginning to toss around terms like “labor laws” and “worker’s rights.” But the rise of corporate America does not just bring labor disputes—it brings greed and corruption. It brings thievery, conspiracy, and murder. And while law and order reign in the East, the Wild West is devoid of any such presence.

America needs the Pinkerton Agency. The company is responsible for protecting every facet of what makes America, America: its money, its rule of law, and its president. Serving as the best known service for catching criminals and providing private security, Pinkerton’s influence is widespread and respected—but can the company keep up with the turmoil of the mid-19th century and a society determined to implode?

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miriam bial


Miriam Bial is a fourth year student at the University of Chicago, majoring in public policy and minoring in human rights. Her other campus Model UN involvement includes serving as the president for the travelling competitive team and chairing the Russia, 2004 committee at the high school conference. Outside of Model UN, Miriam enjoys befriending stray cats, reading the New York Times for the recipes, and getting into political arguments with strangers on facebook. She is originally from New York City. Down with deep dish.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to her at mbial@uchicago.edu


mimi hess

Crisis Director

Originally from the beautiful industrial wasteland of New Jersey, Mimi is currently a third year Economics and Philosophy double major in The College. She hasn’t quite found the link between the two yet either. Previously, she has served as chair for the Walt Disney Company and as assistant chair on Grant’s Cabinet. Outside of ChoMUN, she is involved in Smart Woman Securities, Green Economics Group, and Alpha Phi Omega. She would love to tell you that she spends her free time doing x, y, and z, but she recognizes the scarcity of free time and would much rather be honest and say that she wholeheartedly enjoys spending her free time doing absolutely nothing.