thank you for smoking

the executive board of philip morris 1941


It’s 1941, and the world is on the brink of the most destructive war it has ever seen. Little does it know, though, that the real war is yet to begin – the war to gain total monopoly over one of the most lucrative and deadly markets out there: tobacco. As the executive board of Philip Morris, your intentions are obvious— make as much goddamn money as possible.

This committee will play out the diverse geopolitical, governmental and economical mayhem that came with constructing a global business empire. With countless opponents and haters trying their hardest to tear it down, the cigarette industry is definitely a tumultuous industry to be in.

It’s going to be lit; come in with all your guns and lighters blazing.

nick romanoff


Originally from New York, Nick is a second year majoring in Political Science.  Nick has been doing Model UN since high school and is now involved in all three MUN organizations present at the U of C: last year, Nick staffed the Bribesville committee at ChoMUN; next year, he’ll be chairing SPECPOL for our high school conference MUNUC; and he’s also a traveling member of the competitive team.  Other than MUN, Nick works with Fellows at the UChicago Institute of Politics, writes for a campus political blog, and runs the UChicago chapter of European Horizons, an international, student-led think tank dedicated to promoting European integration. If you have any questions, email Nick at

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aradhana parikh

Crisis Director

Originally from Ahmedabad in India (the best nation on earth, objectively), Aradhana is a third year majoring in Biological Sciences and Economics (because non-science majors are weak and she needed a GPA boost). She has previously chaired the Khana Ratsadon: Siamese Revolution 1932 at ChoMUN XIX, is currently Vice President of UChicago’s travel team. Apart from ChoMUN and competing with UChicago’s MUN team, Aradhana spends her time on research in a molecular bio lab playing with radioactivity, volunteering at the Art Institute of Chicago, biking along the lake, exploring the city and attempting to wear flip-flops in sub-zero temperatures. If you have questions, email her at

ben kosvic


Ben is a second-year from the frozen wasteland of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is objectively the best state in the Midwest, the best region in America, the best nation on earth. Because of this, he often claims to be immune to the “mild” Chicago winters while shivering so much that you can’t understand him speak. He plans on majoring in Math and Economics, and hates that all of his Model UN friends won’t shut up about being political science majors (it’s not a science guys). With what little free time he has, Ben enjoys listening to rap music and playing games of pick-up soccer, although he’s not athletic enough to play any position other than goalie. He also looks like Jesse Orr. Ben didn’t do Model UN in high school, and only does it now because he was sick of debate. He staffed Rise of the Vikings at ChoMUN XIX last year, partially because of his love for his home, and staffed UNEP at MUNUC XXVIII, UChicago’s high school conference. He also competes on UChicago’s travel team.