If at First You Don't Succeed

The Cabinet of Fernando Belaúnde, 1980

In a time of turmoil, terrorism, and uncertainty in the Republic of Peru, Fernando Belaúnde Terry and his cabinet were a beacon of hope for the Peruvian people. However, after a military dictatorship was installed in the country, he was exiled and spent the next decade in the United States. Now, in the time that his country most needs him, Belaúnde is back.

Belaúnde is determined to get things right the second time around, bringing his democratic ideals into the government while fixing what he allowed to break. With desperately needed economic reform, a communist terrorist group making threats, and war in Latin America on the horizon, Belaúnde is going to need all the help he can get.

Delegates will be joining Belaúnde’s presidential cabinet at the dawn of his reelection in 1980 and be tasked with reforming the country. Hopefully, Belaúnde can change the course of Peru for the better this time.



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