Under the chaebol dealings

Korean Captains of industry 1963


The year is 1963, and General Park Chung-Hee’s military coup has come to fruition, establishing a new government with Park as dictator. While most of the world sees Park as the absolute ruler of the Republic of Korea, he in practice shares power with another entity: the chaebol, or corporate dynasties that hold the future of South Korea’s economy in their hands. These chaebol are in a precarious position. While they are poised to become the corporate rulers of South Korea, they must be careful not to attract the ire of Park’s administration. Park needs their help to industrialize the Korean economy, a process that could result in massive gains for those who work with him. Disobedience to this vision comes at a price: just two years ago, he either arrested or confiscated the fortunes of nearly every South Korean business leader to bring them to heel.
In this committee, delegates, as heads of the most powerful chaebol, must walk the line between appeasing the Park regime and filling their own pockets (and perhaps enriching the country along the way). The path to prosperity will depend not only on business acumen but also on shrewd negotiation with other chaebol. Delegates will have the ability to ally with one another to form conglomerates for their mutual benefit, but greed will test the strength of these alliances over the course of the committee. May the best cabal win.

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Grace Park


Grace Park (lawful evil) is a second year double-majoring in Applied Math and Philosophy, which is to say she doesn’t want to deal with real-world problems. Due to an inability to commit, she is a part of all three Model UN organizations on campus. She is the chair for MUNUC’s Security Council, and a member of UChicago’s competitive team. She is also a Dougan Scholar at the Booth School of Business. 

When she's not busy writing the background guide for this committee, she occupies herself by playing The Resistance: Avalon. You can reach her with questions about this committee or a whenisgood form to schedule a poké date at glpark@uchicago.edu.


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Isaac Wink

Crisis Director

Isaac Wink (Neutral Good) is a third year majoring in History and Public Policy. He has given his heart, soul, and and several years off his life expectancy to Model United Nations. In addition to serving as a Crisis Director for ChoMUN XXI, he is also an Under-Secretary-General for MUNUC, University of Chicago’s conference for high school students, as well as a member of the school’s competitive team. He decided to become a Crisis Director as a way to keep himself occupied while he waits for the release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (in theaters December 15, 2017). He is very excited to see the dubious and chaotic schemes that delegates bring to conference. You can reach him with questions about this committee or just to share pictures of dogs at iwink@uchicago.edu.

USG: Davis Larkin