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papal synod 1492


Substitute the Medici with the Lannisters, the Sforza with the Starks, Dorne with the Kingdom of Naples, and you’ll realize that Italy in 1492 is Game of Thrones without the dragons. At the center of it all is the Vatican, whose College of Cardinals comprises the sons and nephews of the most powerful families in Italy. Now that Pope Innocent VIII has died, nobody can keep these powerful leaders of the Roman curia under control as they will seek to further the interest of their own families, raise one of their own to the papacy, and keep the largest and most powerful religious institution in history alive in the most polarized geopolitical landscape in Renaissance Italy. St Peter’s throne is vacant and ripe for the taking, but be careful what you wish for.  

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michele moghrabi


Michele (pronounced Mee-keh-leh) is a second year at the University of Chicago majoring in Economics and Philosophy. Although he was born and raised in Milan, the unofficial capital of Italy, he attended high school in Paris before moving to Chicago. He reckons that the French and Italian hate each other just as much as they did in 1492. Besides staffing and running committees that have a lot to do with Italy, such as Bribesville at ChoMUN XIX, Michele enjoys eating fine Italian food and complaining about American politics. If you have any questions about the committee or would like to chat about Christian Philosophy/Trailer Park Boys, you can email him at

steven krawczyk

Crisis Director

Hailing from sunny South Florida, Steven Krawczyk is a third year at the University of Chicago majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. This is Steven’s second year with ChoMUN, after staffing last year’s Bribesville: The Italian Parliament, 1992 committee alongside his Chair, Michele (apparently they’re both really into Italian history). Outside of ChoMUN, Steven is an active member of the Chicago Debate Society and Eckhart Consulting. In his free time, Steven likes to watch stand-up comedy, play poker, and dream about going to school near a coast so he could spend more time at the beach. He’s elated to get to direct a committee set in one of the most tumultuous moments of Renaissance history, and is happy to answer questions any delegates may have at