pan am airways

the world's most experienced airline


Pan American Airlines, once the largest international air carrier based in the United
States, enjoyed incredible successes and endured tumultuous hardships during its existence from 1927 to 1991. Known ubiquitously at “The World’s Most Experienced Airline”, the astronomical success of the corporation was short lived, as a complex collection of domestic and international factors drove it into financial ruin. Corporate competition, changing American American business practices, Cold War politics, and a series of missteps taken by Pan Am executives cost the corporation its title as the king of the sky. It will take a special set of skills to simultaneously navigate international politics, global economics, and the corporate ladder, and it’ll be up to you to pilot Pan Am through the best and worst years in its history.

zach wehrli


Zach is third year in The College double majoring in Political Science and Germanic Studies. Originally from Salem, Oregon, Zach staffed a crisis committee at MUNUC and crisis directed Hillary Clinton’s State Department at ChoMUN last year. Outside of staffing conferences and competing on UChicago's Model UN team, Zach works in the admissions office, spends time with his fraternity brothers, volunteers at the Institute of Politics, serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council, and writes for the Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy. Zach couldn’t be more excited to be chairing PanAM as it’s sure to be a unique and exciting committee - he’s looking forward to seeing all of you at ChoMUN XX next spring!

Please don’t hesitate to contact him with any questions at

gina yu

Crisis Director

Gina Yu is a third year in the College studying Computer Science. She is originally from New York City, so naturally she thinks Chicago pizza is just a weird casserole and that one waits ON line and not IN line. Last year, she chaired the committee of Nero’s Senate and had a blast seeing everyone get excited about backstabbing and matricide. While not participating in ChoMUN, the traveling team, and MUNUC, she has spent the remaining free time dancing with University Ballet and being the person employed to create all the signs that tell you not to eat in the library. If you have any questions, email her at She looks forward to another exciting committee full of the usual ChoMUN antics!

USG: aiden million