hungry for power

diets of otto i


The year is 941 Anno Domini, and the Kingdom of Germany is in disarray. Since the ascension of Otto I to the throne, the dukes of the other German provinces have grown restless, seeking to usurp the God-given power of our king and restore their false reigns through treachery and rebellion. Furthermore, dangerous forces knock on the doors of the kingdom and treason lurks within our very castle. To confront these precarious conditions, Otto I has summoned a series of Diets, councils of his closest advisors and high-ranking German leaders. Together, you will face rebellious dukes, marauding Magyars, a greedy pope, and the powerful Byzantine Empire in your quest to unify the Kingdom of Germany and become the true heirs of the Roman Empire. Nothing less than the future of Europe and the Catholic faith is at stake.

brian steiner


Brian Steiner is a fourth year majoring in Political Science. He staffed Ulysses S. Grant’s Cabinet at ChoMUN XVIII and Juan Peron’s Cabinet at MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference, and he is excited to be chairing for the first time. Aside from Model UN, Brian volunteers at the UChicago Institute of Politics and serves as the president of the running group on campus. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Brian cheers for the Cardinals and takes great pleasure when the Chicago Cubs lose. When not studying, he enjoys running painfully long distances, camping, and other outdoors-y things.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him at

augustus schiff

Crisis Director

Born at the tail end of the second millennium in the metaphorical hellscape of Southern California, Augustus Schiff braved countless terrors and nearly six separate speeding tickets through his 22 year life. A senior at the University of Chicago, he unwisely chose to follow his interests instead of his wallet, majoring in history and not econ like his parents wanted. Some of Augustus’ non-academic hobbies include video games, improvisation, and speaking a little too loud. He has a ferocious 4-pound dog called Godzilla, named for the looming monster known as communism, and will gladly show you all the pictures he has of her. If you want to congratulate him on coming up with such a dope committee or just ask a question, he can be reached at

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