O Canada

The Founding Fathers of The Canadian Confederation 1867


When you think of Canada you probably think of politeness, maple syrup, and moose; what you probably don’t think of is terrorism, armed rebellion, and an intense struggle for geopolitical relevance and survival. The year is 1867 and the provinces of the fledgling Canadian Confederation have been granted complete self-government for the first time by an indifferent British Empire. The leaders of this new nation must contend with widespread Irish terrorism, a restless underdeveloped western frontier, and a bitterly divided political scene at home,  and an ascendant United States and apathetic mother country abroad. 

The founding fathers of the Canadian Confederation, gathered together in the nation’s first Parliament, are tasked by the Crown with uniting and strengthening the struggling upstart confederation in the face of these dire threats. At the same time, they forced by political necessity to advance the interests of their individual parties and provinces within the deeply divided newborn government. Will they serve Queen and country and make Canada live up to the title, “The True North strong and free,” or will they buckle under the pressure of self-government?

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Jack Haynie


Jack Haynie is a second year in the college hailing from Portland Maine (yes, the original one, not its west coast impersonator) and majoring in political science and history with hopes of attending law school. He is an active member on UChicago’s MUN travel team and will be crisis directing the Arctic Council for MUNUC, the University’s High School conference. In a partially successful effort to do something outside of Model UN, Jack is active as a volunteer at the Institute of Politics on campus and in his fraternity, DKE. Jack served as an Assistant Chair on Lee Kuan Yew’s Cabinet 1965 last year and is looking forward to an exciting and eventful (if that’s the right word) ChoMUN XXI! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or really interesting maps feel free to email him at jhaynie622@uchicago.edu

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Ben Silvian

Crisis Director

Ben Silvian is a second year in the college from Newton, MA studying economics and political science. He is a member of the Model UN team at UChicago and has competed throughout college. Ben served as an AC on the Hongs of Canton committee at ChoMUN last year, and next year, he will be chairing the Economic and Financial Committee at MUNUC. Outside of Model UN, Ben is a huge Boston sports fan and enjoys nothing more than lounging around to watch a Patriots or Red Sox game. Ben can’t wait for this committee, and for ChoMUN XXI! If you have any questions, feel free to email him at bsilvian@uchicago.edu

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Anirudh Duvvuru

Crisis Director

Anirudh Duvvuru is a second year in the college currently majoring in mathematics and economics. This member of UChicago’s Model UN team previously served as the Assistant Chair for the Byzantium 856 committee during last year’s ChoMUN. Apart from MUN, Anirudh enjoys participating in a number of other RSOs, including the South Asian Student Association, Maroon TV, and Oeconomica. His interests outside of school include intense board gaming (message him if you have heard of Castles of Burgundy AKA his favorite game), video gaming, reading Chinese novels, and following basketball religiously.

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