Of Moose and Men

The Council of New France, 1660

It has been 25 years since Samuel de Champlain died and without a strong, unifying figure, the future of New France is uncertain.

There are those on both sides of the Atlantic that want to see this new land become an agricultural heartland, a Christian or merely just a source of fur pelts that are currently the principal industry. Trade routes and settlements are advancing further and further inland, and progress will only be made by keeping the strong alliance between the Huron/Wendat and the French settlers. It is also becoming apparent that there will soon be other European players in this part of the New World: Britain is strengthening ties with the Iroquois Confederacy, the opponent of the Huron in the ongoing Beaver Wars, and is looking to make its mark on this land.

So many things can go wrong at any one time for the people of New France. Any break in the supply chains with Europe and upriver, disease, attack, political shifts, mutiny, and even a fashion shift that puts beaver fur out of style would cripple this new society. This collection of emissaries, businessmen, professionals, workers, Indigenous peoples, coureurs des bois and Jesuits has been assembled in Quebec City to chart a course for New France.

Success means the creation of the next great civilization. Failure means many kinds of catastrophe. And do not be complacent: winter is never too far away.



gilad palley


Who is Gilad Palley?

Where is Gilad from, why does it sound like he lived in Australia, South Africa, or England? What does he do?

What was it like being an assistant chair on Democracy is Invincible: the French Popular Front at ChoMUN XXI? What drives him? Why is it a never ending quest for knowledge? Why is it also running?

Why has growing up in New York broadened his horizons and made him a global citizen? How did his gap year shape him? What are the interesting stories that Gilad has heard while talking with random people?

How does he manage being in like at least 5 clubs? By not doing the background guide? Wow, is that an option? When asked for a fun-fact why does he respond by doing a handstand?

Why is he a prospective history, political science, economics, and public policy major? And finally, what would you like to talk to Gilad about (because he is ready to talk about anything!)?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to him at giladpalley@uchicago.edu

john koobatian

Crisis Director

John Gregor Koobatian the ninety-third-and-a-halfth is a second year majoring in Economics and Philosophy, although at first glance it seems that he majors in MUN and minors in being attacked by his Calculus professor.

He was an Assistant Chair on Citizens United: the US Senate Leadership Retreat, 2015 at ChoMUN XXI. He is also the crisis director for the International Civil Aviation Organization at MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference, and competes with UChicago’s travelling team.

In the desolate and uncharted wasteland that is “outside of MUN,” John enjoys being a member of Phoenix Funds and a fringe member of the Chicago Debate Society. He hopes to pursue a career in the money-side of protecting justice.

John knows everything there is to know about Armenia and he makes sure you will too. John listens exclusively to Chopin. For the unaffiliated, Chopin is a dead guy who dropped the hottest mixtapes of the 19th century. Some of his best known works include: We will rock you and Firework. The only sport he follows is professional chess. He knows too much about odd topics such as The 1972 World Chess Championship or intricacies of FAA Regulation pertaining to drone law. Chess history, bland government documents, chess and classical music: Wow, this John guy sounds like a real party!

For any Chess, Chopin, Armenia, or MUN related questions, feel free to reach him at: jkoobatian@uchicago.edu.


christian metivier

Crisis Director

Kris-chin Meh-tee-vee-yay is a member of the class of 2021, studying Economics and Chemistry. He is originally from Toronto, Ontario, and if you tell him that he has a Canadian accent, he’ll respond “what’re you talking aboat?”

Last year, he served as an AC on You know who we are, but not what we do: the Halliburton Board of Directors. In addition to ChoMUN, he is the crisis director for Charles de Gaulle’s Cabinet, 1962 at MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference, and has competed with the travelling team.

In his spare time, Christian enjoys competing in intramural sports, denying that he is a pre-med, sheepishly asking people to watch him on television, and rolling his eyes at people who complain about the weather. He is avid fan of hockey, baseball, track and field, stand up comedy, and progressive and hard rock (particularly Rush).

Christian is very excited for ChoMUN XXII; feel free to reach out to him at metivierc@uchicago.edu with any questions.