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The National congress of mothers, 1900-1925

It’s been said before and it serves to be said again: moms really can do it all.

And in 1897, two concerned moms gathered together alongside two thousand other mothers, fathers, educators, and legislators gathered together in Washington D.C. to prove just that, and for the inaugural meeting of the National Congress of Mothers.

They established a community of individuals deeply invested in their children’s future, or so they thought. During a time of corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen, and a country growing slowly more interested in entering a world war, this body is challenged to pave the way for America’s future leaders, but these parents all had their own agendas in mind, too. Tackling education policy isn’t easy when other congressional members are gossipy and nosy individuals are vying for their own children's success. And, it’s even harder to shape the direction of a budding interest group, fight for greater access to education, reform the criminal justice system, and increase immunization nationwide when your husband wants dinner on the table at 5pm!

But one thing led to another, and now these women have the chance to influence powerful Progressive Era legislation and the direction of the United States of America… all without even being able to vote.

As the saying goes, mothers really do know best.


krishna sunder


 Despite his burning aspirations, Krishna Sunder will (probably) never get to be a soccer mom. However, he's very excited to live out his fantasies with you for three days this spring at ChoMUN XXII after staffing Truman's Cabinet at ChoMUN XXI.

A second year in the College, Krishna is double majoring in Economics and Statistics, ideally so he can have the last remnants of his soul crushed by The Goldman Sachs™ upon graduation.

When he's not running late to class, complaining about the cold, or falling asleep on public transportation, Krishna is an active member on UChicago's MUN team and a columnist for The Chicago Maroon. Among other things, he's also passionate about: cappuccinos, dinosaurs, guitar, trail mix, the Oxford comma, and naps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to him at

marie harwell

Crisis Director

Marie did drive a mini-van in high school and therefore believes she’s about 50% of the way to being a local kindergarten mother. Also, she is a second year, majoring in Political Science.

She staffed Halliburton at ChoMUN XXI and chaired Allende’s Cabinet at MUNUC XXXII, UChicago’s high school conference. Because that’s not enough MUN to fill her Google calendar, Marie is also a member of UChicago’s travel team.

However, in the time she has outside of MUN, Marie spends a lot of time drinking coffee, looking for recipes, and staring at her class readings in the hope that they’ll do themselves. She’s excited to see where this committee goes and is looking forward to the creativity that the delegates will bring to ChoMUN XXII!

If you have any questions, memes, or suggestions about what her minor/second major should be, please feel free to reach out at

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olivia shaw

Crisis Director

Like most things at UChicago, Olivia loves motherhood in theory but definitely not in practice: so basically all of the kid-sized snacks but without the kids.

She’s a third year in the College majoring in Political Science and minoring in history with hopes of specializing in stateless populations and immigration law. Initially from the New York (No, not NYC, Long Island, or Scarsdale. She’s from the Village of Croton on Hudson. You probably haven’t been there), the National Congress of Mothers has been Olivia’s dream committee since joining ChoMUN, so she couldn’t be more excited to be a Co-Crisis Director for it at ChoMUN XXII. In past ChoMUNs, Olivia was an Assistant Chair for the Ad Hoc (ChoMUN XX), and was the moderator for Brussel 2023 (ChoMUN XXI).

To make an "Olivia", you should mix one part "ChoMUN", three parts "UChicago's Competitive Model UN Team", a hefty sprinkle of "the Student Advisory Board for UChicago’s Institute of Politics", a pinch of "the Community Activism Law Alliance", strawberry ice cream, and LOT of coffee, shake well, and poured it over ice… because Olivia is literally *always* cold.

If you have any questions about the National Congress of Mothers, or are in need of a good wholesome meme, please feel free to reach out to her at