The Midnight Nightingale

Bahadur Shah Zafar and the Last Days of the Mughal Empire, 1857

For the last one hundred years, we have watched the East India Company abuse the position we granted them in Bengal and slowly creep up the Ganges, gaining a choke hold on the Indian subcontinent in the process. Today, our dynasty--which has ruled India for over 300 years--is on the brink of total collapse.

Welcome to the royal of court of his eminence Bahadur Shah Zafar.

The Shah has reigned over this fertile land for 20 years, and he is approaching his 82nd birthday. Though frail and old, he is a prolific writer, and is much adored by his court and those still loyal to the dominance of the Mughal dynasty.

As our empire grows older with our Shah, unforeseen and dangerous troubles have arisen, and we approach a turning point within the history of our great subcontinent. A rebellion in Meerut is a cause for concern, as it has the potential to drastically alter the Indian political situation, from the great plains of the North, to the plateaus of the South.

With each day of unrest, the British Parliament and her Queen become increasingly interested in this company-ruled colony. It is up to the court of the Shah to advise him during this rebellion and ensure the survival of the Mughal Empire against insurmountable odds.


gabe davis


Gabriel Davis is a fourth year Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations major who hails from, objectively, the greatest state in the Union: Connecticut. Don’t ask him about it, though—he much prefers Chicago.

When he’s not researching the Western Sahara conflict or dabbling in French, Hebrew, or Arabic (أهلا بكم!), Gabe can be found researching suicide attacks at the Chicago Project on Security and Threats; raising funds as the Managing Editor for UChicago Majalla, the campus Arabic magazine; tutoring Syrian refugees in English through the Hyde Park Refugee Project; and doing community service as a brother of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity.

In ChoMUN, Gabe has previously served as an Assistant Chair for A Tryst With Fate: The First Class of the RMS Titanic at ChoMUN XIX, a Chair for Diné: The Navajo Before the Reservation Era at ChoMUN XX, and an Experienced Assistant Chair for JCC: From Tehran With Love: The Iranian Revolution: Advisors to the Shah at ChoMUN XXI.

Chairing is a perfect trifecta of Gabe’s love of puns, Model UN, and dad jokes, and he is outrageously excited to help tear up Mughal India with you at ChoMUN XXII!

He can be reached with questions at



teddy todaro

Crisis Director

Teddy is a second year majoring in Statistics and History. Born in New Orleans and raised in Baton Rouge, Teddy is a Louisiana boy through and through, even if he currently resides in Chicago.

At ChoMUN XXI, Teddy was an AC in A Little Bit Holy, Not at All Roman, and Not Yet an Empire: The Court of Maria Theresa, 1740.

Teddy’s primary hobbies revolve around watching sports, talking about sports, or playing sports video games (Geaux Tigers!!!!).

If you have any questions about the committee, he can be found at


firouz niazi


Firouz is a second year in the college from the Chicago suburbs, majoring in Political Science.

He is incredibly excited to be crisis directing this committee alongside Teddy, working with Gabe, and learning more about the history of part of his family! Firouz previously staffed The Lion of Judah: the Cabinet of Emperor Haile Selassie I, 1935, at ChoMUN XXI.

When he's not researching Mughal-era history for committee, he can be found at UChicago Institute of Politics events (scribbling down notes from speakers), studying at coffee shops, catching up on global news, and learning more languages!

If you have any questions about the committee feel free to reach out at