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the presidential campaign of mir-hossein mousavi 2009


It is May of 2009, and Tehran is gearing up for a summer of earth-shattering discontent. The past few years have been defined by conservative-backed President Ahmadinejad's explosive rhetoric towards Israel, a growing global economic crisis, and steadily rising tension between the old guard of the Revolution and those under 30 who represent more than half of the population. In this increasingly volatile context, Mir-Hossein Mousavi has launched a presidential campaign calling for a very different Iran. As the closest advisers of Mousavi and the experts in charge of his campaign, your job is to capture the frustrations of the Iranian youth, to deny Ahmadinejad another potentially disastrous term, and to finally bring desperately needed reform to one of the most complex and unique political systems in the world. Should you succeed, you will herald a bright new future for the Iranian nation. Should you fail, the instability boiling beneath Iran’s surface will unquestionably detonate all around you.

Ananth Balasubramanian


Ananth (like "a month," but with an "n") Balasubramanian is a second year at the University of Chicago majoring in Economics and Political Science. In his free time he enjoys pickup soccer, taekwondo, arguments about economic history, poetry, and playing the saxophone. Ananth's three greatest enemies are protectionism, smooth jazz, and sleep. Last year he worked as Assistant Chair for The Siamese Revolution, 1932 at ChoMUN XIX and he also competes with UChicago's MUN travel team. If you have any questions about the committee or would like to chat about jazz/soccer/fiscal policy, you can email him at

Davis larkin

Crisis Director

Davis Larkin is a second year majoring in Economics and Political Science. He is also, hopefully, much less boring than his choice in majors would otherwise indicate. He previously worked on the Ad-Hoc at ChoMUN XIX, and he competes with UChicago’s MUN travel team. When not dedicating every waking hour to Model UN, he often can be found arguing about political theory, election systems around the world, and on one memorable occasion, how many droidekas would be needed to successfully storm Hogwarts. He is also one of those dweebs who actually wear a helmet when biking around campus, which apparently counts as an essential biographical fact. As a dedicated Middle East nerd who speaks a smattering (at time of writing) of Persian, Davis is extremely excited to be the Crisis Director of this committee, and can be reached at for any questions concerning it.

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