High Society

The Cabinet of Prince Rainier III, Monaco 1955

2.02 square kilometres of glamour, gambling, and Grace Kelly – Monaco in 1955 has it all.

As members of the cabinet of Prince Rainier the Third, you will be faced with a booming, yet troubled, principality of 20,000 people with two competing visions: one of a Monaco synonymous with casinos and gambling, and the other of a Monaco known around the world as an international tax haven, tourist attraction, and investment opportunity.

Plus, the cabinet will have to deal with the ever-present French, with which Monaco has a special – and frankly slightly dubious – relationship, as well as potentially dragging Monaco into the 20th century with a drastic change in their system of governance (better late than never, right? Right?).

angela calabria


Angela Calabria is a member of UChicago’s Class of 2020, studying Political Science and Film, so needless to say, the irony of the committee name “High Society” is not lost on her. After Assistant Chairing the United Fruit Company committee at ChoMUN XXI, she knew two things for certain: 1) that she wanted to return to this year’s ChoMUN as an executive and 2) that she never wanted to work with James again.

Regardless, Angela is super excited to be running “High Society” this year because it encompasses all things glamorous and exciting.

Outside of ChoMUN, Angela is also involved with running UChicago’s high school conference, MUNUC, and acts as the USG of Specialized Agencies.

When she’s not doing Model UN, which these days is not very often, Angela enjoys any and all things musical theater, eating good Italian food, and horseback riding.

james seddon

Crisis Director

James Seddon is a second year in the College studying political science and public policy, though whether that will still be the case by the time ChoMUN XXII rolls around remains to be seen. He’s originally from Georgia, Connecticut, London, or North Carolina, depending on where/when you ask him.

Last year, James was an Assistant Chair on United Fruit Company, and so enjoyed pretending to be Senator Joe McCarthy for 5 minutes that he decided to return for his second year.

Outside of ChoMUN, James occasionally volunteers for the Institute of Politics, and spends his (seemingly) very little free time procrastinating, eating good Chinese food, and sleeping for an inordinate amount of time.

James is incredibly excited to be running High Society this year, and looks forward to leading delegates through a pivotal time in Monaco – and Western Europe’s – history.