I'm Lovin' It

McDonald's Board of Directors, 2004


Welcome to McDonald’s: how can you help us today? On the menu, the McDonald’s Board of Directors have plenty to deal with. Public backlash comes from a wide variety of people, from angry parents demanding healthier options for their children to loyal customers who simply want to have breakfast all day, every day. Consumers seem to be moving from fad to fad every week, while our competitors are gaining market share with each passing day. On top of that is not a sesame seed bun, but shareholders grilling the Board about our quarterly profits.

Together, the Board of Directors must find a way to bring glitz and glamor back to the Golden Arches. By Quarter Pounder or by Filet o’ Fish, McDonald’s has found its way throughout the world. Will you be able to mustard the resources to allow the chain to expand? Don’t be too chicken to think outside the box... but if you make the wrong decisions, one of McDonald’s many fast food rivals may soon ketchup to you. You better get going, because in the world of fast food, people can get left behind pretty quickly. One thing’s for sure: the steaks have never been higher. Order’s up – time to get cooking!

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Riley Heiman


Riley Heiman is a fourth-year student at the University of Chicago studying Mathematics, Economics, and Art History. This is Riley’s fourth and final ChoMUN; he previously crisis directed Camelot: The Court of King Arthur at ChoMUN XX and Rings of Controversy: The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Planning Committee the year prior. Outside of ChoMUN, Riley is deeply involved in MUNUC, the University of Chicago’s high school Model UN conference, and Eckhart Consulting, a student-run strategy consulting group. A native of Newton, Massachusetts, Riley is a fair-weather fan of all Boston sports teams. The only type of music he listens to is video game soundtracks, except when he’s working out, in which case he has dedicated cardio, interval cardio, and lifting playlists. His favorite McNuggets dipping sauce is Honey Mustard.

If you have any questions about I’m Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Board of Directors, you can reach Riley at ronald.mcdonald@uchicago.edu


Culper- Izzy.jpg

Izzy Jorgensen

Crisis Director

Izzy Jorgensen is a fourth-year Public Policy major. Originally from Brunswick, Maine, Izzy refuses to eat McDonald’s lobster rolls, but will be sure to tell you they exist. In the past, Izzy has been involved with ChoMUN as a Crisis Director for the Culper Citizen Spy Ring at ChoMUN XX and as an Assistant Chair on the Viking committee at ChoMUN XIX. In addition to crisis directing for ChoMUN XXI, Izzy works closely with Patrick and Riley as the Secretary-General for MUNUC, UChicago's high school conference. She also teaches math to 8th graders on Chicago's South Side and is a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi. Patrick and Riley are two of Izzy’s favorite people, and she is very excited to channel their mutual love of chicken McNuggets and walking through the McDonald’s drive-thru into this awesome committee. Izzy’s McNugget dipping sauce of choice is Sweet and Sour (sorry Patrick).

If you have any questions about the committee, please feel free to reach out to Izzy at ijorgensen@uchicago.edu.

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Patrick Su

Crisis Director

Patrick Su is a fourth-year Economics and Statistics major at the University of Chicago. Hailing from sunny Orange County, California, Patrick will be happy to tell you why an In-N-Out Double-Double Animal Style is the greatest burger on Earth. Last year was Patrick’s first time at ChoMUN as he staffed Camelot: The Court of King Arthur, though he also serves on the Executive Committee of MUNUC with Izzy and Riley. Outside of MUN, Patrick is also involved in Eckhart Consulting, a strategy consulting student organization. In his free time, Patrick enjoys sharing cute pictures of dogs (or doggos, if you will) with his girlfriend, building decks and optimizing spreadsheets, and ironically listening to The Chainsmokers and then accidentally liking their songs. Patrick’s McNuggets dipping sauce of choice is Creamy Ranch, but only because Izzy already took Sweet ‘n’ Sour.

You can reach Patrick with your questions and favorite food-related puns at mcnuggets@uchicago.edu.

USG: ryan thornton