¡Vivan las Mariposas!

The Fall of Trujillo, 1959


Spies hide amongst the trees. Neighbors watch each other with weary eyes. Young girls go missing from school. This is the reign of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina, known as El Jefe, and no one is safe. Yet, the burgeoning 14th of June Movement shows promise of overthrowing Trujillo, especially by its foremost leaders, the Mirabal sisters, most commonly known by their code name: Las Mariposas. These sisters are more than a symbol of revolution for the people, they are a symbol of feminism for women across the globe. Still, El Jefe will do anything to stop the sisters and their movement, even imprison, torture, and kill people. Delegates will join the 14th of June Movement at the dawn of its creation in 1959 and be tasked with the destruction of the Trujillo regime and the reconstruction of the Dominican Republic. ¡Vivan las Mariposas!

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Paulina knight


Paulina Knight is a third year in the College, double majoring in Biology and Political Science. This will be her third year staffing for ChoMUN. She also competes with the UChicago travelling team to give her life a little more pizzaz. Apart from her time spent as the “token science major” in MUN, Paulina does a variety of bio-related things, such as working in a lab and volunteering in the ER, in addition to dancing for the UChicago Competitive Ballroom Team and lamenting the loss of her Californian tan. She is beyond excited to embrace her inner feminist flowerchild/revolutionary as the Chair of this committee. Please feel free to reach out to Paulina at paulinaknight@uchicago.edu.


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elizabeth mansfield

Crisis Director

Elizabeth Mansfield is a second year in the College with the intention of majoring in Political Science and Spanish. The flat plains of Illinois bring fear to this Coloradan’s eyes, as snow without mountains is unnatural to her very core. Outside of spending way too much time on Model UN and fangirling over Las Mariposas, she has dedicated her life to writing novels because LARPing obviously wasn’t enough to satisfy this genius’ creative outlet. She is also a member of UChicago’s traveling team, a sister of Pi Beta Phi, a part of Maroon Veteran’s Alliance, and an avid runner (to deal with stress in a “healthy” manner). Please feel free to reach out to Elizabeth at ebmansfield@uchicago.edu.

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cameron bernstein

Crisis Director

Cameron Bernstein is a second year in the College with the batty idea that majoring in Computational and Applied Mathematics would actually look good on Medical School applications . Though born in the city of Chicago, "true" Chicago natives put up a fuss when she doesn’t say she’s from Wisconsin, as it’s technically closer to where she lives than the city. In addition to staffing for ChoMUN, Cameron is also an executive for MUNUC, UChicago’s High School Conference, and competes on the travelling team. In an attempt to be “well-rounded” and “wholesome”, she is also a Lighting Designer for University Theater and a sister of Pi Beta Phi. And to roundit off, she is also on the UChicago Cheer Team. Please feel free to reach out to Cameron at cbernstein@uchicago.edu.

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