You'll (Hopefully) Never Walk Alone

The Liverpool Ministry, United Kingdom 1812

1812. A relentless storm brews just off the coast of the British Isles.

The turn of the 18th century was kind to the Crown but even so, the old Europe is slowly, but surely making way for the new. The spread and demise of various colonial empires ebb and flow as the tide does. The disruptive gale of the rise of the Napoleonic regime and the evolution of the continent’s complex relationship with the Catholic Church blow menacingly at our doorstep.

The British state is headed straight for the eye of the storm, and at its helm is a man thrust into service out of necessity and technicality following Perceval’s assassination: Lord Robert Banks Jenkinson, the second Earl of Liverpool.

A champion of the Tory party and a veteran of a distinguished cycle of military service, Jenkinson has, safe to say, no intention of taking this appointment lightly. At a time where the very essence of homeland identity and geopolitical authority is at an impasse, he turns to his ministry of gallant and uncompromising few for advice.

With an industrial revolution in full swing, the question of Catholic emancipation festering away and an increasingly belligerent French presence (among numerous other quandaries), the British empire and its interests are counting on your tact, gall and spunk as cabinet statesman and ministers to ford the imminent storm, and set course for uncharted realms of glory.

God save the King and remember: who dares, wins.

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vedant sood


Vedant Sood is a third year in the college studying Economics and Statistics. Even though he was born in India, he graduated high school in England and he’d be more than happy to tell you about his IB struggles (a.k.a the 10th circle of hell) in his curious, but charming accent.

On campus, he’s a brother of the Sigma Chi fraternity, a member of ILC: Finance and the Undergraduate Investment Banking group, and occasionally competes on the travel team.

His interests lie in the (oxymoronic, but poetic) “discordantly harmonious” state of European politics and looks forward to helping you all navigate the hegemony of 19th century United Kingdom as you lead the charge to eternal glory for the Crown.

If you have any questions before conference, please feel free to reach out at

sofia barnett

Crisis Director

Sofia is a second year in the college, majoring in political science and potentially economics (but numbers are scary so it’s up in the air). Although raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she was born in New York City and has loved getting back into a big city while exploring Chicago.

When not doing MUN, she can be found with her KAΘ sorority sisters or in finance meetings with Student Government.

In her rare amounts of free time, or more often, when she should be studying, she can be found reliving her competitive dance career through impromptu dance parties with her roommates and watching inordinate amounts of Disney movies.

If you have any questions please reach out to

scott ellenoff

Crisis Director

Born in the small town of Manhattan, all Scott wanted to do when he was younger was dance.

But his parents, the government, and society would not have it, so this young man decided to take his talents elsewhere. Scott hopped on a plane to the University of Chicago. When he arrived he found that people there were more accepting of his footloose personality. However, disaster struck when he discovered that he was an atrocious dancer.

As a result, he ended up majoring in computer science, and spends his free time cooking and watching TV. Over the summers, when he sojourns back home to see his loving parents and brother, he also spends his time sleeping (a luxury usually not afforded to him).