The Sun-Yee-On Triad, Kowloon Walled City 1965

By 1965, the Sun-Yee-On triad, already a prolific player in the Hong Kong crime scene, have finally consolidated control over the Kowloon Walled City. These 6.8 acres of deregulated urban sprawl contain over 50,000 people and sit between the British colony of Hong Kong and the developing nation of China. Buildings spring up at the whims of developers; only passing planes stop them from reaching the sky. Drugs and gambling comprise as much a part of the economy as restaurants and hotels.

While the Sun-Yee-On reign supreme, their rivals are never far from power, and one bad decision could send the fortunes of an enemy gang skyrocketing. With global posturing between Britain and China reaching a fever pitch, Hong Kong seeking greater self-determination, and rumblings of revolution emanating from the East, history is accelerating towards a breaking point in the Walled City.

This is a committee of crossroads. The city itself sits between East and West, old and new powers, and on the razor’s edge dividing the world during the Cold War. Structurally, the committee itself sits between a gang and a city government. With all the dualities, delegates must walk a narrow line or risk falling for good.


Zakir Jamal


Zakir Jamal is a second year Linguistics major. He is from Vancouver and therefore enjoys camping and mountain biking in his free time.

Besides MUN, he is an avid hockey fan, a part of UChicago’s theatre troupe, and an occasionally writer for the University’s humour publication: the Chicago Shady Dealer.



thomas noriega

Crisis Director

Thomas Noriega is a third-year in the College, double-majoring in Philosophy and History. He is a former member of the UChicago Model UN team, and this is his second time crisis directing for ChoMUN.

When not participating in MUN, he contributes to UChicago’s only intentionally funny newsletter, the Chicago Shady Dealer, supports and acts for the Dean’s Men, UChicago’s longstanding Shakespeare troupe, and works as an RA in UChicago’s Campus North Residential Commons.

He is a film buff, an amateur miniature painter, and a prolific tabletop gamer, running and playing in a number of RPGs and miniature wargames.

michael lynch


Michael is a second year majoring in Economics. He is usually from Atlanta, when not dealing with identity crises of being born in Massachusetts, growing up in Georgia, and living in Switzerland. His first UN experience was working at the US Mission to the UN as a convenience store cashier. He has previously been a CD for "The Fault in Our Tsars, The Provisional Government of Russia, 1917" and an AC for "It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Presidential Campaign of Mir-Hossein Mousavi 2009.”

His hobbies include telling the same story about Russian history for the third time, reading too much FiveThirtyEight, and doing unnecessary math (ever wonder what would happen if two people with the combined strength of North America and Europe played volleyball across the Atlantic?). At school, Michael can usually be found in whatever coffee shop he is studying in that week, wherever MUN stuff is happening, and occasionally his room when he finds the time to sleep.

His fun facts are that he has more cousins than most months have days and has spent over a hundred dollars on bagels in the past eight months.

He is happy to answer any questions about the committee, history, politics, or weirdly specific applied math at mtlynch@uchicago.edu.