JCC: From Tehran with Love: The Iranian Revolution, 1977

Advisors to the shah


“Iran, because of the great leadership of the Shah, is an island of stability in one of the most troubled areas of the world.” –US President, Jimmy Carter

It’s 1977 and Tehran is brimming with political dissidence. Your kingdom faces threats from Islamists, Communists, and anti-monarchists, menacing the millennia-old Persian tradition of monarchy. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening, your people are starving in the streets, and the Shah’s extravagance is angering your people. Though you’re supported by the world’s largest superpower, the Iranian state is facing an existential crisis.

That’s why you’re here. You are the Shah’s most trusted advisors, ministers, and family members. It’s up to you to maintain order in the country that you know and love, to ensure that our country—the kingdom of kingdoms—can navigate its way through these threats, and to keep Iran’s status as a model Middle Eastern state that other modernizing nation should look up to.

Threats to Iran have never been so real and so close to home. Jimmy Carter may not know it, but the stability that once characterized your nation’s status in the Middle East is but a distant memory. Should you succeed in the face of these threats, you will bring Iran into a new golden age. Should you fail, Cyrus the Great will be rolling in his grave as the Imperial State of Iran crumbles in the hands of extremists.

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Richard oyeniran

Coordinated Crisis Director

Richard Oyeniran is a fourth year majoring in Economics at the University of Chicago. He’s originally from Sugar Land, Texas (Yes, his town is actually called Sugar Land. P.S. He loves when you ask about it). When he’s not directing contemporary Middle Eastern crises, Richard is teaching for Moneythink or spending Saturdays with the brothers at Zeta Psi. He’s excited for his fourth year participating in ChoMUN and his seventh and last year of participating in MUN.

Feel free to reach out to Richard at royeniran@uchicago.edu if you have any questions.


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Ashton Hashemipour


Ashton Hashemipour is a second year at the University of Chicago majoring in Political Science. In his free time, he enjoys playing FIFA, fearlessly challenging other students to pickup basketball, and making a mean Nutella crepe. He has been described as “aggressively Persian,” making his hype for this committee very real. Last year, he worked as an Assistant Chair for the 2009 Presidential Campaign of Mir-Hussein Mousavi. In addition to ChoMUN, he writes for the Gate (the political review on campus) and is a member of the International Policy Program.

If you have any questions about the committee or want to talk about Persia, email him at ahashemipour@uchicago.edu.

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Shravan Ravishankar

Crisis Director

Shravan Ravishankar is a second year at UChicago majoring in Political Science and Economics. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky (please ask Shravan if you have any confusion regarding pronunciation), and is returning to ChoMUN after serving as an Assistant Chair for The Roaring Tigers: Tamil Students League of 1971. Outside of ChoMUN, Shravan loves playing Ultimate and FIFA, and he closely follows the NBA. He is usually enthusiastic discussing politics of any sort, and he is always enthusiastic describing why Steph Curry is overrated. He is a devoted evangelist for our lord and savior Yeezus despite not having any musical knowledge whatsoever. He is excited to be working with Ashton to bring pre-Revolution Iran back to life in this committee.

Feel free to reach out to Shravan at sravishankar@uchicago.edu if you have any questions.

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