the chicago outfit

JCC the bootleg battle of the marne 1925

Nobody wanted Prohibition. This town voted six to one against it. Somebody had to throw some liquor on that thirst. Why not me?
— Al Capone

Being the giver he was, 26-year-old Al Capone took it upon himself to right the wrongs that the 18th Amendment had committed against the good people of Chicago. Capone had been part of the gang scene for years, but now he was the head of the powerful and dangerous Italian-American organized crime syndicate, The Chicago Outfit.

The name “Chicago Outfit” immediately calls to mind bootlegging, but the intensity of their crime did not stop there. Their operations included loansharking, political corruption, murder, and an underground prostitution ring throughout the South Side. However powerful they may have been, they did not have a monopoly in Chicago. Constantly at odds with O’Banion’s North Side Gang, this rivalry would become legendary. This is not a gangster movie or TV show. This is real life. The Outfit, like temptation, is here to stay.

austin kohlman

Coordinated crisis director

Austin is a fourth year double-majoring in Public Policy and International Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. Within his academic areas, he has a focus in international poverty and welfare policy. In previous years, he has been half of the dynamic duo of Diego Rosales and Austin Kohlman in creating some of the most fun crisis committees he has been a part of (on either side of the table). On campus, he serves as co-president for the Partnership for the Advancement of Refugee Rights (PARR) and has most recently taken part in his first theater production. He has collected every single Calvin and Hobbes comic strip ever published, and constantly tells everyone that the world would be a better place if everyone remained as curious and rambunctious as kids always are. He has played the piano for 17 years and you may find him jamming on the elevator pianos in the Palmer House. Like Diego, Austin is a cigar enthusiast, and hopes to secure a personal Cuban cigar supply once the US can get its… stuff together. In his capacity as your Coordinated Crisis Director, he will do his best to screw you all over in the most exciting ways possible, so enjoy!

Please feel free to contact him at under the following circumstances:

  1. To discuss how terrible current models of the welfare state are realized outside of Scandinavia

  2. To discuss your favorite books, movies, or pokemon (If Oceans 11-13 are among your favorite movies, we can be best friends)

  3. Give him a job in welfare policy (please?)

  4. I guess I can talk about the committee too

diego loyo rosales


Diego is a fourth year majoring in Political Science. He was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where all his phones are tapped by the regime (for good reasons). He has reincarnated both Lorenzo de Medici during ChoMUN XVIII and Francisco Solano López during ChoMUN XIX. Diego was also part of the travelling team during his first two years. Apart from MUN, Diego is a member of AKPsi (business frat). He understood that political power is the slave of financial power, and decided to switch teams. He is also a member of OLAS (the LatAm student organization), because otherwise who would be involved, right? Diego loves analyzing movies and tv shows to excruciating depths, especially those with hidden political/philosophical messages. Do not ask him about futbol, he will not stop talking for days. Diego is a cigar enthusiast, and thus he is annoyed at the Palmer House for not allowing him to apply the 1925 smoking policies. In any case, Diego will do his best to dress as classy as Al Capone did, and he is thrilled to be working with Sabine to bring booze back to Chicago and beat Patrick and Jamie (there may or may not be a bet on the line).

P.S: Diego and Austin have worked together at ChoMUN during all their four conferences. Still a better love story than Twilight.

If you have any questions, please do hesitate to contact him at

JCC- Sabine.jpg

sabine nau


Sabine is a second year in the College and a current Political Science and Public Policy double major with a minor in debt. If asked where she is from she will say DC, but she really is from a suburb in Virginia where the most exciting thing that happens is $5 movies on Tuesdays. Her first experience with MUN was ChoMUN XIX where she was a staffer on the Sarkar-E-Khalsa: Twilight of the Sikh Empire committee and was inspired, or crazy enough, to be a Crisis Director for ChoMUN XX. Outside of Model UN she is a member of the Organization of Black Students as well as her sorority AOII. When she isn’t doing homework, she enjoys watching copious amounts of Empire, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy, eating cinnamon rolls, sitting by the lake, and taking naps. Sabine is very excited to work with Diego and all the delegates to bring 1925 Chicago to life!

If you have any questions or TV show recommendations, she can be reached at



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