north side gang of chicago

JCC the bootleg battle of the marne 1925

On paper, Dean O’Banion ran a flower shop, and was an excellent flower arranger. He also happened to lead one of the largest organized crime outfits in Prohibition-era Chicago, the North Side Gang. The gang’s headquarters, of course, was the second floor of the flower shop.

The North Side Gang had its fingers in so many pies, it’s a miracle O’Banion could keep track of it all. The members of the North Side Gang collectively ran countless breweries, distilleries, and various bootlegging operations all over Chicago’s North Side, putting them in opposition with the rival Chicago Outfit operating on the South Side. The North Side Gang also operated underground casinos, robbed local businesses, and was known to line the pockets of many city politicians. And they sometimes sold flowers.

austin kohlman


Austin is a fourth-year double-majoring in Public Policy and International Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. Within his academic areas, he has a focus in international poverty and welfare policy. In previous years, he has been half of the dynamic duo of Diego Rosales and Austin Kohlman in creating some of the most fun crisis committees he has been a part of (on either side of the table). On campus, he serves as co-president for the Partnership for the Advancement of Refugee Rights (PARR) and has most recently taken part in his first theater production. He has collected every single Calvin and Hobbes comic strip ever published, and constantly tells everyone that the world would be a better place if everyone remained as curious and rambunctious as kids always are. He has played the piano for 17 years and you may find him jamming on the elevator pianos in the Palmer House. Like Diego, Austin is a cigar enthusiast, and hopes to secure a personal Cuban cigar supply once the US can get its… stuff together. In his capacity as your Coordinated Crisis Director, he will do his best to screw you all over in the most exciting ways possible, so enjoy!

Please feel free to contact him at under the following circumstances:

  1. To discuss how terrible current models of the welfare state are realized outside of Scandinavia

  2. To discuss your favorite books, movies, or pokemon (If Oceans 11-13 are among your favorite movies, we can be best friends)

  3. Give him a job in welfare policy (please?)

  4. I guess I can talk about the committee too

jamie ehrlich


Jamie is a third year Political Science major, originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts - a coastal town that claims to be the birthplace of the American Navy but really isn’t. Last year, Jamie Crisis Directed both the Baddest Asp in History: Cleopatra’s Council of Advisors at ChoMUN, and Security Council at MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference. Her first year, she was an Assistant Chair both on the Massachusetts Bay Colony committee at ChoMUN and Paris Peace Conference 1919 at MUNUC. For the past two years, Jamie has also traveled with the competitive team. Outside of Model UN, Jamie is a news contributor for the Chicago Maroon, volunteers at the Institute of Politics, does academic research, and has recently developed new hobbies such as observing the ducklings that live in the pond on campus and watching Tasty videos on Facebook. Jamie is very excited to be chairing the JCC this year, and thrilled to be working with Patrick to bring Prohibition-era Chicago back to life in the Palmer House!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at


patrick lou


Patrick is a second year Political Science major who is also considering a Creative Writing minor in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of writing Obama/Putin slashfic. He originally hails from Albany, California, a town famous for not being Albany, New York. Involved in MUN since his junior year of high school, last year he staffed the National Assembly side of the French Revolution JCC at ChoMUN XIX. He is also involved with the Model UN Team and with MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference. To ensure he has (some) friends outside of the MUN bubble, he is an assistant copy editor for The Chicago Maroon, UChicago’s student newspaper. He is incredibly excited to work alongside Jamie and everyone else on the JCC to bring the thrills of 1920s Chicago to all the delegates on the North Side!

If you have any questions, or just want to begin kissing-up, feel free to email him at:


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