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Truman's cabinet and the Opening Moves of the Cold War, USA 1948


Just three years after the end of the bloodiest conflict humanity has ever seen, the world is on the verge of another great power showdown.
Despite declining military spending and conventional capabilities, the United States has been tasked with rebuilding the once-magnificent Asian and European nations that now lie in ruins. To the East lies the Soviet Union, America’s most powerful ally – for now. For years, the two nations worked closely to liberate Europe from the control of the Nazis. Soviet ambitions, however, have already begun to outgrow this tenuous friendship. Backed by its mighty Red Army, the USSR is spreading its influence and ideology across the globe, and is kept in check only by the new-age threat of nuclear annihilation. In order to confront the challenges of the postwar era – one filled with coups, wars, espionage, and the looming peril of a nuclear Russia – President Harry Truman has assembled a team of advisors with a singular goal in mind: to ensure that the free world remains free.

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Mia Radovanovic


Mia Radovanovic is a third year in the college majoring in Psychology (namely, developmental psychology). She hails from sunny, humid Florida but is originally from Former Yugoslavia. This year she will be returning after chairing Creating the Province of Freedom: Sierra Leone at ChoMUN XX and staffing for JCC French Revolution: Vive Le Roi. Outside of school and Model UN, Mia enjoys running, dogs, and watching copious amounts of Youtube videos to procrastinate on the previously described activities. She can't wait to be your Chair at ChoMUN XXI!



Gavin Baumgart

Crisis Director

Gavin Baumgart is a third year at the University of Chicago majoring in biological sciences. At previous ChoMUNs, he was a staffer for the French Revolution JCC and Sierra Leone 1792 committees. Hailing from the ever-thrilling suburbs of Chicago, Gavin spent his high school years on the robotics team, and decided to join ChoMUN so that he can justify the occasional bout of not doing chemistry. When not on ChoMUN-related business, he can be found doing lab research, volunteering at the hospital, or watching grown men beat each other up during hockey season. He is thrilled to be your Crisis Director for ChoMUN XXI, and can be reached for questions at

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