Hung Be the Heavens with Black: The Lords and Ladies of the British Isles, 1180

Great Britain and Western France are controlled by the dynamic Henry II, founder of the Angevin Empire. His realm spans from Ireland in the West to Auvergne in the East and from Scone in the North to Toulouse in the South. An energetic and captivating leader, Henry brought much needed legal and economic reforms that have made his realm the wealthiest and most powerful in Europe. The empire is administered by Henry’s court, a combination of clergy, lords, and bureaucrats, held together by Henry’s will and tact. Despite being a sworn vassal of France, Henry is constantly at arms with the kings of France and balanced paying nominal homage to them with humbling them. Henry was the second husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine, fathered Richard the Lionhearted, Prince John, Henry the Younger, and Geoffrey of Anjou, three of whom would become kings of the empire.

While Henry’s reign was a time of general stability, the Great Revolt set nearly the entire empire, as well as every neighboring kingdom, against Henry after he refused to resolve the issue of succession. Conflicts with the Papacy also plagued Henry as he strove to use ecclesiastical posts to reward loyal administrators. This conflict came to a head when the Archbishop of Canterbury--England’s leading clergyman--was killed in his home, supposedly at Henry’s behest.

Now the rulers of the realm must handle the issues that have arisen during Henry’s historic rule. They must leverage their strengths within his court and come to an agreement on inheritance, foreign threats, law, and internal disputes, or else risk the collapse of the wealthiest empire in Europe.

Thomas Noriega


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