JCC: A Newspaper Should Have No Friends: Hearst’s New York Journal vs. Pulitzer's new york world, 1896

hearst’s New York journal

“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it, and above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.” – Joseph Pulitzer.

What a bunch of lies. Joseph Pulitzer is like us, just here to make money. The only difference is that he wants to make it seem like he’s trying to spread the truth, when we know that the truth is what we say it is. Those rumors down from Cuba, that could be next week’s headline. A fallen wire electrocuted someone, so maybe all kinds of electricity are dangerous. We will do whatever it takes to be the biggest newspaper of them all, and we will do it better than Pulitzer’s New York World because we’re better than them. If we happen to report the truth along the way, that’s great. If we don’t, we’re still making money.

Each and every one of you are here because you love the same thing: being good. We happen to be good at running a newspaper, but we need to be even better. The First Amendment protects, so let’s take advantage of it and spin some tales using a few alternative facts.

patrick lou

coordinated Crisis Director

Patrick Lou is a fourth-year majoring in English and Political Science—or Political Science and English when he’s applying to jobs. He hails from Albany, California, which has been scientifically ranked as the ninth-most liberal city in America. (One time Bernie Sanders ate a restaurant next to his high school and the whole neighborhood shut down.)

He previously staffed ChoMUN XIX’s French Revolution JCC, crisis directed one side of ChoMUN XX’s Bootleg Battle of the Marne JCC, and chaired ChoMUN XXI's French Popular Front, and he is beyond thrilled to cap off his time in ChoMUN as the CCD for this sensational JCC.He is particularly excited to be running ChoMUN’s first journalism-centric committee in many years, especially one that focuses on such titans as Pulitzer and Hearst.

When not preparing to supervise a committee of simulated journalism, he spends much of his time editing real (student) journalism for The Chicago Maroon. Some of his many hobbies include spending too much money on concert tickets, trying to explain to his parents why he is in a fraternity, and modeling various articles of clothing given to him by UChicago’s high school conference MUNUC.

He’s currently learning how to play the harmonica, so if you have any tips, please email him at pyl@uchicago.edu!

whitney halperin


Whitney is a fourth-year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Russian and Eastern European Studies and in Statistics. She hails from the great state of Massachusetts.

After accidentally attending a Model UN meeting her first year, Whitney has since somehow ended up here, doing this weird LARP-like activity that she doesn’t know how to explain to her “friends” and “family.” While Whitney is and has been involved in a variety of other activities on campus, she believes that the only really important piece of information you need to know about her is that her spirit vegetable is the cauliflower.

This will be Whitney’s fourth year in ChoMUN and her fourth year doing ChoMUN with Isabelle Charo (the other side’s CD), who, after four years together, have decided that they need to spice up their friendship and compete over which side is the best.

If you have any questions on the committee or want to give Whitney social advice, please email her at whitneyhalperin@uchicago.edu.

katherine li

Crisis Director

Katherine is a second year in the College majoring in economics and computer science. She comes from San Jose, California and loves to drink boba milk tea. She also loves avocado toast. Nothing in Chicago can compare for either of these.

She enjoys making good memes and awesome puns in her spare time and also participates in a cappella. In the rest of the time, she enjoys watching good movies and singing on her own. Katherine would like to get better at Fortnite.

Katherine wanted to staff this committee because she had a wild time staffing the Iranian Revolution 1979 JCC last year during ChoMUN XXI. She is particularly excited for all the creative plans delegates will come up with.