The Near East Wing

Ottoman Imperial Harem, 1560

The Ottoman Imperial Harem was not a prison for women. Rather, it was a platform for independently powerful women and eunuchs to exercise tremendous political influence by pooling their economic power, political connections, and other resources.

Under the leadership of Imperial Princess Mihrimah Sultan in the 1560's, the Harem became the unofficial governing body of the Ottoman Empire and, with its splendor and soft power, rendered Suleiman the Magnificent insignificant by comparison.

As delegates, you will represent the figures of the Harem that had a crown prince executed, led the government to besiege Malta, and hand-picked Suleiman’s successor. Your immense task, in the face of domestic unrest and Western, anti-Islamist opposition, is to ensure that the legacies of Suleiman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Empire go down in history.

jordanna yochai


Jordanna Yochai is a second year in the College, majoring in Political Science, minoring in Near Eastern Language & Civilizations, and hailing from Long Island, New York -- home of real pizza, bagels that are worth eating, and Billy Joel.

Last year, Jordanna had a great time saving Europe in ‘Brussels: 2023,’ the ChoMUN Large, and also loved competing with UChicago’s traveling Model UN team. Outside of Model UN, she leads a cohort, works as a lifeguard, and actively stresses about the future of the Middle East. In her limited free time, Jordanna enjoys endangering her life on the flying trapeze and drinking Turkish coffee as though it’s actually just water.

She is thrilled to be the Chair of the ‘The Near East Wing: Ottoman Imperial Harem, 1560’ and cannot wait to see what this cadre of women and men will do with the Ottoman Empire! If you have any questions about committee or just want to chat, definitely reach out to her at

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carter squires

Crisis Director

Carter Squires is a second year in the College, majoring in Political Science and Psychology (or whatever majors can keep his GPA up for law school). He hails from Louisville, Kentucky -- home of real bourbon, fried chicken that is worth eating, and horse racing.

Carter is returning to ChoMUN after working with David to destroy save Russia in ‘The Fault in Our Tsars.’ Outside of Model UN, Carter competes with UChicago’s Debate Team, is a consultant for local nonprofits, and works with the prospective students office. When he has time to catch his breath and relax, Carter enjoys getting outside to spend time in nature by running, hiking, and camping (this has proven difficult given Chicago’s weather and lack of large parks).

Carter is thrilled to be a Crisis Director for ‘The Near East Wing: Ottoman Imperial Harem, 1560.’ If you have any questions about this committee, ChoMUN, or life in general, don’t hesitate to shoot Carter an email at!