Gone with the wind

The executive board of metro-goldwyn-mayer studios, 1945-1965


1945: The Second World War is over, America is on the up and up, and people are flocking to movie theaters to watch stars like Judy Garland and Gene Kelly glide across the silver screen. Producing many of the era's greatest hits is MGM Studios, a company that believed innovation was just as important as financial stability. MGM was the paragon of the Golden Age of Film, but that gold has begun to tarnish. The rise of television, dissatisfaction with the stale genres MGM had pioneered, growing costs, and a mounting fear of communism all pushed MGM to the brink of destruction. As delegates, you will play the ensemble role of the MGM Executive Board, a group of creative and professional minds unparalleled in the industry. Whether you direct the company to superstardom or end up on the cutting-room floor of history depends on you.

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Ian moor


Ian is a second-year in the College studying Political Science. From his voice, you’ll immediately know that he is originally from Los Angeles, California. Thus, his hobbies include namedropping celebrities and hating on states that aren’t California (and also on northern California). His pet peeves include overuse of water and people who say they are from Los Angeles but are actually from Orange County. At ChoMUN XX, Ian was an assistant chair for the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General. In addition, he competes on UChicago’s traveling team. In his little time outside of Model UN, Ian works with fellows at the Institute of Politics, participates in intramural sports with his house, plays pool at his favorite coffee shop, Hallowed Grounds, and tries to convince himself to go to the gym. He is an avid fan of movies and TV, and anyone who knows him knows that his life goal is to compete on Survivor. He is so excited to channel his movie fandom into chairing the Executive Board of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. If you have any questions, email him at ianmoor@uchicago.edu.


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Katherine chen

Crisis Director

Katherine is a third year student majoring in Economics. Although she hails from Perth, Australia, Katherine feels most at home in the school library where she is free be her true nerd self. Katherine is excited to be chairing this committee at ChoMUN XXI after being an AC for CHoMUN XIX in Rio 2016 committee, and a chair for ChoMUN XX in the First Fleet committee. In addition to her involvement in ChoMUN, Katherine is a member of UChicago’s Model UN traveling team, a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, and a solo pianist.

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Thomas noriega

Crisis Director

Thomas is a second year majoring in Philosophy and Public Policy. He was born and raised in the desert land of Tucson, Arizona, a place that is in every way the opposite of Chicago. This means he can be often found wearing jackets when it's 70-80 degrees outside. Thomas is a delegate on UChicago's competitive MUN team, a member of the Dean's Men (the University's longstanding Shakespeare troupe), a former Assistant Chair on ChoMUN XX's "Dine 1821" committee, and a contributor to the Chicago Shady Dealer, the university's only intentional humor publication. When he has the time, Thomas can be found researching obscure military and art history, fulfilling his duties as the Class of 2020's resident Philosopher-King, and playing both video and tabletop games. If the committee he's running is any indication, he considers himself a film nerd (don't get him started on 2001: A Space Odyssey), and he is excited to channel his passions for cinema and MUN into this committee. Feel free to email him with any questions or concerns you may have at tnoriega@uchicago.edu, and he wishes you all the best of luck at ChoMUN XXI!

USG: Davis Larkin