Flight of the Golden Magpie: Provisional Government of Bangladesh, 1971

As India and West Pakistan wrap up the war in the western theater, Bangladesh is emerging from the destruction and chaos as a new country. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, an independence leader and the veritable father of the nation, is hungry for success. It is up to you –– Bangladeshi politicians, workers, citizens, diplomats, bureaucrats, and military officials –– to put together a state, determine Bangladesh’s path as a sovereign country, and care for its millions of new citizens.

Bangladesh, however, must address a range of issues. There is no challenge too small or too large. The government will need to relocate, hopefully, to Dhaka from Calcutta, attend to the basic needs of the people –– food, water, health, sanitation, and housing –– while also protecting the country from foreign threats at the height of the Cold War.

Firouz Niazi


Firouz is a third-year Political Science major from the suburbs of Chicago (the best one -- Evanston), and he is overjoyed to help run this committee at ChoMUN XXIII. This will be his third ChoMUN, after ACing on the “Lion of Judah” Ethiopia committee (run in part by his fantastic CD, Reema) and CDing for the Last Mughal Emperor committee. Outside of ChoMUN, Firouz is a tour guide for the office of admissions, as well as a frequent visitor and participant in Institute of Politics speaker events, student organization meetings and civic engagement programs. Last year he was president of his house –– think ~Harry Potter~ at UChicago. Besides trying to learn as many languages as he can, Firouz helps out with the non-partisan UChiVotes as well as EUChicago, a student-led European Union focused think tank on campus. Does Firouz do anything for fun? YES. He loves spending time on the Quad with his friends when it’s warm outside (warm weather does come to Chicago sometimes), visiting his family’s puppy back home, and finding new coffee shops around the city to feed his coffee and tea… enthusiasm! Firouz cannot wait to chair this committee, and he is beyond excited to see delegates take a deep dive into history to learn about all the possible ways to build a brand new country. If you have any questions (or maybe want to share some coffee shop names or language learning tools), don’t hesitate to reach at fniazi@uchicago.edu!

Tanmay Gupta

Crisis Director

Tanmay is a second-year majoring in Mathematics, and is on the lookout for a second major (hit him up with any suggestions). He’s from the Delhi-region, India, which probably explains his deep interest in everything South Asian. He staffed “The Midnight Nightingale: Bahadur Shah Zafar and the Last Days of the Mughal Empire” at ChoMUN XXII, and is beyond excited to be an executive on this committee alongside the magnificent Firouz and Reema. Outside of MUN, Tanmay is very interested in reading and talking about Indian politics (legend says that this is the only thing he’s emotionally invested in), looking up cool math he can’t understand, playing the guitar, re-watching Breaking Bad, and killing his apartment-mates at ping pong and FIFA (among other competitive activities). He looks forward to seeing everyone at ChoMUN XXIII; feel free to reach out to him at tanmayg@uchicago.edu in the meantime!

Reema Saleh

Crisis Director

Reema is a fourth-year in the College double-majoring in Public Policy with human rights concentration and Creative Writing. She is excited to be Crisis Directing for ChoMUN XXIII because it’s giving her a legitimate reason to neglect her schoolwork and obsessively research South Asian history with some of the best co-executives in the world, Firouz and Tanmay. This is Reema’s fourth year with ChoMUN – she’s been an AC for Getting our Just Deserts: Polisario Front, a Crisis Director for The Lion of Judah: The Cabinet of Emperor Haile Selassie (which featured your marvelous chair, Firouz) and an AC for the Women’s Social and Political Union, which means she really likes statebuilding in crisis and all the pitfalls that come with surviving a post-colonial world. She’s also shocked that she’ll be graduating soon, so she hopes y’all will make this great! Outside of MUN, you can usually catch her organizing events with the Institute of Politics on campus, panicking about her two theses, or trying to rank all the coffee shops within a five-mile radius. Sometimes she makes short films, sometimes she publishes writing like the useless writing major she is, and when she’s not doing that, she is a researcher in the English Department mapping themes and trends in contemporary migration poetry. Occasionally she sleeps. If you have any questions, please reach out to Reema at reemasaleh20@gmail.com!

Secretariat oversight:

Jordanna Yochai, Under-Secretary-General