Democracy is invincible

The French Popular Front, 1936


A wave of far-right nationalism has spread across Europe, leading many established leaders to be fearful of their hold on power. In France particularly, the threat of rising far-right politics is a constant specter. In response to this threat, parties from across the political spectrum have united to keep the fascists out of France’s highest seat of power. The year could very well be 2017. But we turn our eye instead to 1936. The Popular Front, an alliance between the center-left Radical Party, the left-wing socialists, and the far-left communists, has just been elected as the liberal coalition government of France. As the newly-appointed members of the French Council of Ministers, you must put aside your ideological differences to stem the tide of fascism in France, enact economic reforms to help France’s citizens recover from the Great Depression, and ensure the stability of the Third Republic in the years to come.

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Patrick Lou


Patrick Lou is a third-year majoring in Political Science and English. You’d think the Political Science major would be the more practical of the two, but he’s spent much of the major just taking classes in philosophy—expect to see him at the local Starbucks after graduation. Patrick is originally from Albany, California, at town that has, at various points, been home to great artists such as Lil B “THEBASEDGOD” and that one guy who writes Pearls Before Swine. At ChoMUN XIX, he was a staffer on the French Revolution JCC, and at ChoMUN XX he was Crisis Director for the North Side Gang of the Bootleg Battle of the Marne JCC. He’s excited to get a better look at the frontroom as Chair for the French Popular Front. Around campus, he spends most of his non-ChoMUN time working as a USG for MUNUC, UChicago’s high school conference; copy editing for The Chicago Maroon, UChicago’s independent student newspaper; and hanging out with his brothers in Delta Kappa Epsilon, UChicago’s best fraternity. He divides his free time equally between studying and sleeping.

If you have any questions about committee, or just want to say hi, feel free to email him at


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Aaron Stockel

Crisis Director

Aaron Stockel is a third year student at the college studying Romano-Byzantine History, now watching helplessly as his life spiral out of control while Model UN slowly consumes every aspect of it. He is native to southern California, which you can tell because he wears “California Republic” t-shirts, is cold in 70 degree weather, and walks around shouting “West Coast Best Coast” to anyone who will listen. In his free time (so not during the UChicago quarter), he enjoys playing saxophone, traveling, swimming (butterfly), reading, and hiking. In the summers he can be found singing show tunes while stuck in L.A. traffic, and getting sunburned at the beach. His interests include all eras of history, politics, music, sleeping, and the Lord of the Rings. His last ChoMUN committee, “Basil’s Court: Byzantium AD 867” was a blast and he cannot wait to run the “French Popular Front, 1936” which takes place in his favourite historical era. Besides being a Crisis Director for “Byzantium,” other MUN experience includes staffing “NATO, 1950” and “Nasser’s Cabinet, 1956.”

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach him at, and he will do his best to respond as quickly as possible in between hibernating and playing with his dogs.

USG: Srikanth Krishnan